6 Must Have Tutor Tracking Software Settings

6 Must Have Tutor Tracking Software Settings

6 Must Have Tutor Tracking Software Settings

If you’re searching for tutor tracking software for the first time, or you’re looking to switch from your existing platform, you’ll want to consider a range of factors while choosing the best option for your business. In this article we’ll discuss why it’s important to look past the high-level features a software package offers and dig into it the finer details before making your choice.

High level features are important to consider when choosing the best tutor tracking software for your business. High level features tell you what you’ll be able to do and how you’ll be able to do it. They have a direct impact on your work flow and the overall potential for efficiency a software program offers.

But, those high level features can’t be your only consideration when making your decision. Equally important are the smaller, less-flashy settings that will dictate how much you can customize a software program to suit your needs. These settings are like looking under the hood when buying a car; they’re unseen at first glance but have a huge influence on how the car will function.

Below we discuss six customizable settings that are available in Teachworks tutor tracking software, and how each setting will help you customize your business’ Teachworks account so it’s optimized based on your unique needs.

Customizing Terminology

Being able to customize certain terms in your account is important, especially if the terminology you use doesn’t match the default terminology used by the software program you choose to use.

Perhaps your business refers to employees as coaches, or instructors, rather than teachers. It’s important that your account reflects this, so when your customers login to view their Calendar or request lessons they aren’t confused by terminology they aren’t used to seeing.

Check out this article if you’re interested in other ways you can customize language preferences in Teachworks: 5 Ways to Customize Language Preferences in Teachworks.

What Will Users See When They Logout?

You can give students, families, and employees their own user accounts so they can login to Teachworks. You can also control what each user can view, access, and change in their Teachworks account.

Using the Logout Redirect setting you can also choose where users are directed to once they logout of their user account. That means you can redirect them back to your business’ homepage, information page, or any other page you choose.

The logout redirect setting is especially useful for creating a seamless user experience if you use it in conjunction with the Remote Login Add-On, so users can log-in to their account from your website and return to it once they logout.

Settings to Prevent Scheduling Mistakes

You can set a maximum duration for all lessons using the Maximum Lesson Duration setting in your Account Settings. This setting is particularly useful for preventing accidental scheduling mistakes, especially if you allow tutors to schedule and update their own lessons.

As your business grows this setting will also be helpful for ensuring that no tutors are over scheduling their own hours on purpose. Once your business employs dozens or even hundreds of tutors it will become difficult to track each tutor’s specific schedule to ensure they aren’t scheduling lessons that are too long, which is where a maximum allowed lesson duration setting can save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of money.

Choose Your Package Billing Settings

A popular billing method amongst Teachworks’ subscribers is the package billing method, which allows you to sell and track packages of lessons that students can use over a period of time.

Using Teachworks you can customize a number settings specific to how packages are billed and tracked, so you can tailor this popular billing method to suit your business’ policies.

In your Account Settings you can easily decide whether packages are tracked by lesson or hour, whether “Missed” lessons count as used, whether to track packages by family or students (i.e. assign packages to specific students in a family), and when packages become available to customers (when invoice is approved or when it’s paid).

Customize Customer Accounts

As previously mentioned you can provide customers (e.g. families, students, etc.) with user accounts that they can use to login to Teachworks and check their account related information, schedule, request lessons, and more.

However, it’s entirely up to you to decide what customers can do and see using their Teachworks account. You can choose to disable their ability to edit their profiles and view their teacher’s contact information. You can also hide certain pages from customers, like their transactions or packages page.

Do You Want to Schedule Prospective Students?

Teachworks offers a simple method of tracking a student’s status with your business. You can set student statuses to Active, Prospective, and Inactive. You can then view lists of each status, or view them all together (you can do this for families and employees, as well).

The prospective status is ideal for classifying students that are new, have registered but haven’t scheduled a lesson yet, or haven’t otherwise become active with your business.

You can choose to allow prospective students to be scheduled for lessons, or require their status to be set to active before scheduling them for lessons. This lets your business track where students are in your acquisition stages, especially if you collect inquiries or sign-ups with custom forms.

Start Customizing Today

The settings mentioned in this article are only a few examples of how you can customize your Teachworks account to suit your business’ specific needs.

If you’d like to explore more settings for optimizing your account, you can check out our Knowledge Base for in-depth articles about how to optimize each feature and setting in your account. You can also reach out to us with questions at any time by using the Support tab on our website: Teachworks.

If you don’t currently have a Teachworks account you can click the button below to sign up for a Free 3 Week Trial that includes all of the settings and features mentioned above, plus everything else Teachworks has to offer.

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