Calendar Filters & Other Updates!

Calendar Filters & Other Updates!

We strive to provide our customers with as many different ways to customize their software as we can! Take a look at these new and exciting features!

Calendar Service and Location Filter

You now have the ability to enable or disable the service filter, location filter or the location calendar in teacher accounts. When enabled, teachers will no longer be able to filter the Main Calendar on Services, Locations, or view the Location Calendar. Administrators can find and enable these options in their Account Settings!

Permission Setting to Hide Custom Fields from Teacher Accounts

A check box has been added to the Custom Fields to allow administrators the option to hide fields from teacher accounts. These fields are only visible to administrators and staff. They can be made visible to teachers on custom forms, but by default it is hidden in their accounts.

Timestamp added for Availability

We have added a timestamp that displays the last time the availability was updated on the employee’s profile. This can be found right under the “Availability” section.

Custom Forms

If a student has one default teacher assigned to them, the teacher will be pre-selected in the “Request Lesson” form. If the student has more than one teacher, the default teachers will be listed in the “Teacher” drop-down menu, but they will not be pre-selected.

Other Custom Form and Template Updates and Enhancements

  • Fixed an issue on Family Custom Form Invitations that made multi-select fields not being styled attractively when adding new student fields
  • Converted the “Add Student” link on Family Custom Forms to a green button to improve the visibility.
  • Added an instructions field to the credit note form
  • Added a recipient email merge tag to the email and Invoice templates
  • Added the ability to select which lesson statuses will require notes to be entered before it can be completed using the complete lesson form
  • Included prospective students in SMS reminders to be consistent with email reminders


We have made it easier to understand the validation messages that can occur when you are confirming an account. The message indicates if the token is expired, invalid or if the account has already been confirmed

We fixed a validation bug that was affecting employees when an employee had standard subjects that have been merged into one.

A validation error will occur if you are Trying to delete a student who has items borrowed from the Lending Library.

API Enhancements and Updates

We have added a employee photo URL field to the employee endpoint

We have added the service_id parameter to the invoice lesson details in API

We have created a Payment allocation endpoint that will allow allocating payments to invoices

We have updated the API rate-limiting error format to json in all cases, so a descriptive error will be produced

Employee List Table

We have updated the “Type” column in the Employee List to now properly display the text “Teacher” for the employee profiles that are setup as teachers.

Currency List Updates

We have added the following currencies to the Currency List:

Trinidad & Tobago Dollar

East Caribbean Dollar

Managing Subjects

We have added the ability to add multiple subjects at once, using a comma-separated list.

Calendar Enhancements

You are now able to see if a lesson has an invoiced or paid status


We have changed the Invoice Autopilot “Ended” status to appear in red font, to allow the status to draw more attention.

A bug was fixed on the invoice page that was affecting the “Email” feature.


We have added a setting to the Stripe Integration that will provide an option to allow your customers to save their credit card information on external invoices.

Another addition to the Stripe Integration is an option that will be displayed to your clients that will allow them to save their credit card information when paying an invoice without being required to be logged into their Teachworks profile.

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