Transform Your Business With Tutor Management Software

Transform Your Business With Tutor Management Software

Managing your tutoring business can be time consuming without the proper tools in place, so we would like to explore how you can transform your tutoring business with tutor management software by spending less time on administration.

The amount of time and effort you spend managing your tutoring business will change as it increases in size. One major challenge you’ll need to face is that your old processes might become inefficient as your business becomes more successful and you begin processing increasingly larger volumes of records.

As the amount of information you’re business is processing increases you’ll have two choices: hire more staff to process the information, or adjust the methods you’re using to process data. That means replacing your collection of independent applications with a consolidated solution that will:

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on administration
  • Delegate more tasks to your employees
  • Improve the quality of your customer service
  • Understand your business with built-in reporting tools

Below we dive deeper into each of these benefits, and discuss how tutor management software will transform your process for managing your tutoring business.

Reduce Time Spent on Management

Processing large volumes of records can take a lot of time if you’re using independent applications to manage each type of data. When you, or your staff, have to check one program for scheduling, another for invoicing, and a different one for email, you increase the length of time it takes to complete even simple tasks like sending customers an email that their invoice is due.

Tutor management software will reduce the amount of time you spend managing your tutoring business by allowing you to keep all of your information in one place.

For example, you can use the header menu in your Teachworks account to easily find, enter, and navigate through all of your business’ records. You’ll also spend less time training new employees with an intuitive system in place, and your existing employees will become more efficient at their own roles as well.

Delegate More Work to Your Employees

With all of your information housed on one easy-to-navigate platform, you can further save time by delegating more work tasks to your employees.

With access to all of the necessary information and processes, your employees can contribute more to the overall efficiency of your business’ workflow. In Teachworks you can also set permissions for each employee at the account level, so you can rest assured that each employee can only access and edit the data that’s required for them to do their job.

Delegating tasks like scheduling and sending lesson notes will also give your employees more autonomy. Autonomy will create happier employees, less time spent on repetitive tasks (i.e. for your admin), and improved customer service by giving your employees the freedom to set their own schedules and build relationships with their students.

Improve Customer Service

Managing your tutoring business with tutor management software results in improved customer service by making your business (from a customer’s perspective) more efficient, organized, and easier to do business with.

With each customer’s records, invoices, and schedule available with just a few clicks, you won’t have to make customers wait while you dig through records trying to find their information. You can also give customers user account access to Teachworks, so they can login to their own accounts to check their billing history, schedules, request lessons, and more.

You can also learn more about improving customer service with Teachworks in this article: 5 Teachworks Features to Improve Customer Service.

Reports to Understand Your Tutoring Business

If you’ve been overwhelmed while managing your tutoring business and its daily functions, you may not always have the time to analyze your business to really understand its strengths and weaknesses. If you think about it, do you know exactly how much revenue your business generates per month? Or which of your locations makes the most revenue?

Teachworks tutor management software has multiple reporting features that you can use to analyze your business’ revenue, lesson counts, employee wages & earnings, and more. These tools will help you stay up-to-date and informed about your business and its performance, so you can adjust your strategies and marketing tactics accordingly.

Managing Your Tutoring Business With Teachworks

Teachworks software will reduce the time you spend managing your tutoring business by simplifying your business and allowing you to delegate more work to your employees. By storing all of your information in one place you’ll also be able to significantly streamline your invoicing, communications, reporting, and record keeping processes.

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