5 Teachworks Features To Improve Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is one of the pillars of success for a tutoring business, since providing customers with great experiences and outcomes is one of the best ways to guarantee customers keep scheduling more lessons. In this article we’re going to discuss 5 Teachworks features you can use to improve customer service, and how you can leverage each of them to get your tutoring business to stand out.

First, let’s briefly discuss what we mean when we refer to providing exceptional customer service.

Exceptional customer service includes characteristics like being courteous, thorough, and helpful. But, customers have also come to expect employees to have those basic qualities everywhere they go. With customer expectations where they are, how do you get your tutoring business to stand out?

One way to get your tutoring business to stand out is to redefine exceptional customer service, and provide customers with experiences that are personalized and tailored just for them. This approach works because customers want to be noticed, appreciated, and treated as individuals. They want to connect with your tutoring business in a way that makes them feel valued.

Fortunately, Teachworks has several features that make it easy to capture and reference customer specific information, so you and your employees can be sure to have meaningful interactions with customers across touch points.

Lesson Notes – Shared & Internal

Lesson notes are an important part of successful tutoring. They provide an opportunity to give feedback to students and parents, set goals, and highlight progress.

Teachworks has two separate fields for lesson notes when completing lessons: Shared Notes (that parents & students can view), and Internal Notes (which are for internal use only). Lesson notes can be emailed to customers immediately after they’re entered by tutors, or saved and approved for sending by admin staff at a later time.

Notes will keep your customers and students informed and up-to-date, and give them an easy way to track their progress over time. Notes can also be sent promptly after each lesson, so customers don’t need to wait around for feedback.

Notes Templates & Requiring Lesson Notes

Parents want to know that tutoring is helping their children, so it’s important that notes are detailed and include relevant information about a student’s lessons. If you’ve made it a priority to have your tutors complete lessons notes after each lesson, it’s equally important to be consistent (especially if parents are expecting notes about their children’s lessons right away).

Teachworks has a couple of features that can help ensure notes are detailed and entered when a lesson is completed.

Notes Templates: You can create and add Internal and Shared Notes Templates in your Account Settings. When tutors access the Complete Lesson Form to complete their lessons and enter notes, the fields for notes will include the template you’ve provided to help standardize lesson notes.

Internal Notes Template

Requiring Lesson Notes: As the admin you can make it required for all tutors to enter lesson notes before they can mark a lesson completed. This option is perfect for companies that want to ensure that notes are recorded and sent to parents each time a lesson is completed.

Require internal and shared notes

For more information about requiring lesson notes, check out this article about the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On.

Profile Notes & Communication Logs

The lesson notes feature discussed above is great for entering notes about specific lessons, but for notes unrelated to specific lessons you can use the Profile Notes & Communication Logs.

Notes & Communications

These notes can be added by the admin and staff users with permission to edit student and client profiles. The notes can also be made visible to teachers, so everyone in your company can review notes you’ve made about customer preferences and needs. Employees can reference these notes anytime they interact with customers, so they can make sure they’re up-to-date on everything they need to know to help meet a customer’s needs.

Custom Profile Fields

Profiles in Teachworks come equipped with a number of standard fields you can use to collect and save information related to your students, customers, and employees, but you can also add as many additional fields as you need using the Custom Profile Fields Add-On.

Custom profile fields allow you to customize profiles and what information they include, and offer a number of other benefits as well:

  • You can create as many custom profile fields as you need
  • Custom fields are included on Student, Family, and Employee List downloads so you can analyze your data in spreadsheet format
  • You can include custom profile fields on Custom Forms (for enrollment/applications), and on Custom Form Invitations (for updating profiles)
  • Teachers can stay informed by viewing custom profile fields on student/family profiles once a student has been assigned to them

These fields can be used to capture specific, detailed information about clients and students. Tutors and staff can then reference the information anytime, so they’re always prepared for each lesson and can tailor their lesson plans to each student’s strengths.

Lesson Flags

For a variety of reasons, lessons don’t always go according to plan, and it’s important customers and students don’t walk away from a lesson feeling unhappy or upset (about their progress, the lesson itself, or anything else).

In Teachworks, you can use the Lesson Flags Add-On to give tutors a simple method to flag lessons that are unusual or irregular, so admin staff can follow up with the student (and/or parent) at a later time.

This easy-to-use feature adds a layer of security when it comes to following up after difficult lessons, so you can be sure to touch base with customers to make sure everything is okay. Lesson flags are easy to spot with the Flagged Lessons Dashboard widget, and you can also have an email sent to your company each time a lesson is flagged.

If you’re interested in using Lesson Flags you can find more information in this article: Lesson Flags Add-On.

In Summary

The features we’ve discussed above can help your staff, and your tutors, to provide consistent, personalized experiences for your customers. A personalized experience can have a significant impact on your customer’s satisfaction with your business and get your tutoring business stand out.

Customers that are satisfied with your tutoring business are more likely to reward your business with positive reviews, referrals, and are also more likely to sign–up for more lessons (especially when they see results).

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