How To Offer Tutoring Services Online With Teachworks

Hot To Offer Tutoring Services Online With Teachworks

Online lessons are becoming increasingly relevant, and it’s important that your business has a solution for easily connecting tutors and students to online learning spaces. Fortunately, Teachworks makes it easy to schedule online lessons by providing a simple method for connecting students and tutors online. This article is going to explain how to connect tutors and students online using Teachworks’ direct integration with Lessonspace.

How Teachworks Makes Online Lessons Easy

Teachworks makes it easy to connect students and tutors to online learning spaces using the Lessonspace Integration. It takes only a few simple steps to connect your Teachworks account to Lessonspace. Once you’re connected you can easily select the “Online Lesson Space” option as the location for any lessons you schedule in Teachworks.

A lesson’s location will be hyperlinked to a unique online learning space when “Online Lesson Space” is selected as a lesson’s location. That means that students and tutors can easily access their online learning space from their Teachworks Calendar or Lesson Reminder Emails.

Launch Online Lessonspace

There aren’t any URLs to copy and paste or keep track of once the integration is set-up; all you’ll need to do is select the “Online Learning Space” as the location when scheduling the lesson and the rest is automatic.

Why Lessonspace For Online Lessons

Lessonspace uses a unique concept called “Spaces” for their online lessons that make Lessonspace one of the leading options for offering online lessons. Anything entered in a Space during a lesson is saved automatically, so all of the information will be there if students or tutors later return to the Space again.

In addition, each Space is specific to the tutor/student combination that it’s assigned to, so no work is required to ensure the correct Space is assigned for a lesson. It really is as easy as selecting the “Online Lesson Space” location when scheduling the lesson and letting the software do the work.

Other Options For Online Lessons

In addition to Teachworks’ direct integration with Lessonspace, it’s also possible to use other online learning platforms like Zoom to connect your students and tutors by providing links to online learning spaces using the Location Links Add-On.

For more information about easily connecting your Teachworks account to other online learning spaces like Zoom, check out this article about Online Lessons With Teachworks.

Try It Out For Free

Lessonspace has a free 14-day trial you can use to test out the Lessonspace Integration. If you already have a Teachworks account and are currently exploring methods of delivering online lessons, set up your free trial with Lessonspace today and get started.

If you’re new to Teachworks and Lessonspace, click the button below to get started with your Teachworks free 21 day trial. Once you’re set up in Teachworks the Lessonspace Integration is only a few simple steps away, and your company can begin connecting students and tutors online.

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