Zapier Integration & Other Updates

Zapier Integration & Other Updates

We’re excited to announce the Zapier Integration is now available! Keep reading for more information about Zapier, Customer Billing Groups, and other great new features and enhancements.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is an easy-to-use task automation software program that allows you to easily create connections between independent applications. Using Teachworks’ Zapier Integration will allow you to connect your Teachworks account to over 1500 applications without having to do any coding or software development.

You can visit Zapier’s website for a full list of applications that are available. Here are a few of the more prominent applications that might be the most relevant to your tutoring business:

Customer Relationship Management Systems: Customer Relationship Management Software can drastically improve the way your business interacts with clients. CRM software can help your business personalize interactions with clients across touch points, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

CRM systems that are supported by Zapier include: Zoho, SalesForce, Infusionsoft, and many more.

Payment Processors: Teachworks integrates directly with Stripe, but the Zapier integration will simplify the process of setting up payment processing with other platforms. Once you’re connected to Zapier you can easily process payments using PayPal, Square, and a number of other payment processors.

Forms & Surveys: You can easily create forms in Teachworks using the Custom Forms Add-On, but with the Zapier integration you’ll be able to integrate with other Form & Survey Apps like Typeform, Google Forms, Jotform, and Survey Monkey.

We’ll be publishing a series of articles in the near future dedicated to setting up the Zapier Integration with a few popular applications, so keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Customer Billing Groups

The Customer Billing Groups Add-On allows you to create groups of customers that can be added to an invoice at one time.

This Add-On is perfect for simplifying your tutor invoicing process for customers who are invoiced using the same settings.

Customer Billing Groups

More information about Customer Billing Groups.

Enhancements to the Website Booking Plugin

Jump To Date Feature: It’s now possible to make slots jump to a specific date when customers click to schedule lessons or join courses. There is more information about setting that up here: Website Booking Plugin.

20 Minute Time Slots: We’ve added 20 minute time slots to the Website Booking Plugin to further increase your company’s booking flexibility.

Button Text Will Wrap To A Second Line: Longer labels will wrap to a second line on booking plugin buttons. This feature makes it possible to include more detailed titles for your booking plugin buttons, especially if you’re offering two different services with one button.

Improved Email Deliverability

We’ve taken steps to improve the deliverability of transactional emails like lesson reminders and invoice emails. You can take proactive steps to make sure you’re emails aren’t automatically filtered as spam. There is more information about how to do that here: Simple Ways to Avoid the Spam Folder.

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • Confirm Email on Custom Forms: You can now add a “Confirm Email” field to Custom Forms so customers and employees need to confirm their email address is correct before submitting a form. Making this a required field will help reduce the number of missed connections with potential customers and applying tutors due to an improperly spelled email address.
  • Billing Groups & Invoice Autopilots Added to Student/Family List Downloads: We’ve added columns to Student and Family Lists for Billing Groups and Invoice Autopilots. These columns will make it easy to track which billing groups or autopilot schedules each customer belongs to.
  • Sorting Direction Parameter For All API Endpoints: It’s now possible to sort all API endpoints in both ascending and descending order.
  • Public Domain Emails Are Now Sent From [email protected]: The from field displays the company name but the email address is “[email protected].” The company email address is put in the “Reply-to” field so that replies will go to the company. This change will help emails sent from public domain emails avoid being marked as spam, since this allows proper DKIM and SPF alignment which are the main indicators email providers look for to determine if an email isn’t spam.

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