7 Ways Teacher Management Software Increases Productivity

7 Ways Teacher Management Software Increases Productivity

If you run a tuition business and are tasked with managing a team of teachers, you understand how challenging it can be to stay productive. Fortunately, teacher management software from Teachworks is available that can help you streamline scheduling, payroll, and communications so you can increase productivity and work more efficiently.

Teachworks offers solutions that will help you simplify your business by helping you automate and streamline administrative functions and eliminate repetitive tasks. 

Today, we will go over 7 features of our software that will make teacher management more efficient.

1. Enabling User Accounts

Enabling user accounts allows you to give your teachers access to their own calendar, profile, students, and tasks. 

With user accounts enabled,  you will be able to delegate more responsibility to your teachers, giving them more control and giving you more time for other things. Teachers can schedule and complete their own lessons, send lesson notes, and view student contact info to reach out directly to students and families.

2. Account Permissions

Once a User Account is Enabled, you can set Account Permissions on Employee Profiles. Account permissions give you control over what your teachers can see, view, and manage in their own Teachworks account.

Account permissions allow you to pick and choose which teachers have more accessibility on their account and which ones do not. This allows you to set up each teacher with a customized set of permissions so that you can be certain they can only access and change what you want them to change.

Access can be set to “Off,” “View,” & “Manage.”

7 Ways Teacher Management Software Increases Productivity: User Access & Permissions
  • When a permission is set to “Off,” the user will be unable to see or access the associated content. 
  • When a permission is set to “View,” the user will be able to see the content but will be unable to make any changes to it. 
  • When a permission is set to “Manage,” your users will be able to make changes to the content they have permission to manage. They will be able to submit lesson notes, complete lessons, upload files to other user accounts, and schedule lessons on their own.

Read More About What Account Permissions Can Be Set.

3. Shared Profile Resources Add-On

7 Ways Teacher Management Software Increases Productivity: Shared Profile Resources Add-On

The Shared Profile Resources Add-On allows you to share information with all of your teachers at one time by adding it in one place. Teachers can access resources that are shared with them on their profile so they can work through them at their own pace. This Add-On is perfect for sharing resources with new hires or providing updates to teachers about lesson plans or deadlines. 

How to Set Up Shared Profile Resources Add-On.

4. Bulk Wage Payments Add-On

The Bulk Wage Payments Add-On allows you to calculate and record payments for all of your teachers at one time. Teacher hours and wages are tracked automatically in Teachworks, so when it is time to calculate and record payments, having the Bulk Wage Payments Add-On enabled will remove the need to calculate payments manually.

All you need to do is set the date range, lesson statuses to be included, the payment date, and choose whether or not you would like to send payslips out to your teachers. Once the payments have been recorded, you can quickly review them using the “View Summary” feature.

5. Assigning Tasks

Delegation is one of the best ways to build confidence in your teachers and one of the fastest ways to save yourself time. The Tasks Add-On allows you to assign, manage, and track employee tasks. This will help you keep track of what you have assigned to each teacher and when you expect it to be finished. You can use this to track progress on grading, lesson notes, and setting availability.

6. Mileage Tracker

If your teachers are compensated for travel when completing lessons, you can use the Mileage Tracking Add-On to allow them to submit their mileage when filling out the Lesson Completion Form. This will allow them to submit their mileage as it accumulates, rather than submitting one big claim at the end of the pay period or quarter. You will be able to track their mileage total on the Employee Hours page to make sure it is being recorded.

7. Bulk Imports

Teachworks allows you to download a template for importing Employee and Student/Family information in bulk. You can use this if you are transferring from a different software program, have just hired a batch of new teachers, or have enrolled a large number of new students. The process is simple and only requires one download and one upload to complete.

7 Ways Teacher Management Software Increases Productivity: Import Template Screen

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