Tracking Teacher Mileage Usage Easily

tracking teacher mileage

For any companies with tutors or teachers that travel to meet with students, tracking teacher mileage usage could become a time-consuming task – especially as your business grows.  We’ve created a new add-on that will allow your teachers to easily record their mileage from their user accounts. The Mileage Tracking add-on allows you choose between miles or kilometers.

Once enabled, a Mileage field is added to the Complete Lesson form, so that tutors or teachers can record their mileage for a lesson at the same time that they record the status and/or enter notes.

Mileage results can be viewed in the Employee Hours table alongside the teacher’s lessons, hours, earnings and payments.

For more information about enabling and using this add-on, read the Knowledge Base Article here: Mileage Tracking Add-On.

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