The Benefits of Enabling User Accounts

User Account Benefits

Creating user accounts for your employees and students is an effective way to provide them with easy access to their information from anywhere with an internet connection. Below are five ways that teachworks user accounts can benefit your business and your clients. 

1. Access from Anywhere 

Because teachworks is web-based, your employees and clients can access their accounts from anywhere that is convenient for them. And they can do it at any time that is convenient for them. Even when your office is closed, your teachers can check up on their schedules, lesson notes or earnings. Clients can view their calendar, lesson history, invoices or payments.

2. Personalized Access 

Each user account only has access to the user’s information, so you don’t need to worry about clients or employees having access to information that doesn’t relate to them.  You can also adjust permissions on teacher and staff accounts to further fine-tune what information they can access.

3. Less Workload for Your Staff 

Because clients and teachers have self-serve access to their personal schedules and information, they have less need to call your office staff to get the information they need.

4. Improved Communication 

Every user account is always up-to-date. Any scheduling changes made by staff or teachers are immediately visible in student and family accounts. Because there is no need to manually write down lesson times, there is a much lower chance of scheduling errors resulting from clerical errors.

5. Extending Your Brand

With your teachworks account, your company has it’s own login page that all employees and clients use to access their accounts. This page can be customized with either your organization’s name or even your logo and provides a professional image to your clients each time they log in.

We encourage you to create accounts for your teachers, students and families, so that you can take advantage of the benefits these accounts offer.

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