Shared Profile Resources & Other New Updates!

Shared Profile Resources Add-On

Thanks for all the feature suggestions! Your great feedback helps us to improve the Teachworks experience for everyone. Below is a list of our most recent features and enhancements.

1. Shared Profile Resources Add-on

This new time-saver is great for building shared libraries for your employees. It allows you to add a section to employee profiles that can display information, links and other resources. You only have to enter the content once and it will automatically appear on all employee profiles.

Shared Profile Resources

2. SMS Reminders Column in Import Templates

We’ve added an SMS reminders column to student, family and employee import templates. This enhancement makes it possible to enable/disable SMS reminders in bulk through a spreadsheet. 

Learn more: Updating Records Using Import Templates

3. Create Invoice Link on Profiles

We’ve added a “Create Invoice” link to customer profiles to speed up invoicing. Clicking on the link will open the “Create Invoice” form with the customer already selected.

Create Invoice

4. Custom Forms Invitations Add-On Enhancements

We’ve added “Prospective” customers to the Custom Forms Invitations add-on to allow you to invite prospective customers to update their details through a custom form prior to starting lessons. We’ve also fixed the search function on the Custom Forms Invitations page.

Select Prospective

5. Website Profiles Add-On Enhancement

We’ve added a “Select All” and “Deselect All” option to the Employees field in the Website Profiles plugin settings to speed up employee selection.

Website Profiles Add-On Employees

6. “Print View” for Custom Invoices

Changes made to the layout of invoices through our Custom Invoices Add-On were not being applied on the “Print View” screen. We’ve updated the code to fix this.

7. Notification Logs: Limited Search

To speed up searching, we’ve limited the notification log search field to the past year. The date filter can be used in combination with the search field to search earlier dates.

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