8 Features To Speed Up Music Lesson Scheduling

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Music lesson scheduling is an essential part of any music school, but it can take up a lot of time. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can help you perform this task with speed and accuracy. When choosing music management software for your music school, make sure that you choose a solution that can grow with your business. Scheduling lessons for 500+ students should be just as simple and efficient as scheduling lessons for 10 students.

Teachworks’ music management software was designed specifically for larger and expanding education businesses. It includes a myriad of free scheduling timesavers that can help to reduce scheduling headaches for music schools of all sizes.

This article will explore some of our favourite scheduling timesavers in more detail.

Client Features

An effective way to reduce your scheduling workload and improve customer satisfaction is to allow your customers to manage their own schedules. Teachworks offers the following features to help you manage this process:

1. Website Booking Plugin

This add-on allows you to add a booking button directly to your website. It comes with several customizable settings to accommodate the unique needs of your music school (this includes the ability to customize button and text colors to match your music school’s website).

You can use the Website Booking Plugin to allow students to book lessons with their preferred music teacher, join open classes or join a full course with ease.

Website Booking Plugin

View a live demo of our Website Booking Plugin here: https://teachworks.com/demo/welcome

Get started here: Website Booking Plugin

2. Lesson Requests Add-On 

This add-on allows students to request lessons right from their Teachworks account. The only effort required by your music school staff is accepting, declining or modifying the request.

Lesson Requests Add-On

A corresponding email notification is sent automatically based on your selected action and each notification can be customized as needed.

Lesson Request Responses

Internal Features

3. Student Groups Add-On

Do you schedule regular group music lessons with the same students? If your answer is yes, it’s definitely worth the effort to try out this feature! It allows you to create predefined student groups for quicker group lesson scheduling.

Student Groups Add-On

Get started here: Student Groups Add-On

4. Calendar List View: “Spaces” Column

The Calendar List View presents the calendar in a list format. One very useful feature of this page is the “Spaces” column. If your music school offers regular group lessons with a set student limit, you can use this column to spot open spots quickly and efficiently.

Group Lessons: Available Spaces

5. Copying Music Lessons

This feature is great for quickly replicating existing lessons in your Teachworks calendar. Clicking the “Copy” link will open the “Add Lesson” form with all the lesson information prefilled, allowing you to make small adjustments and schedule the lesson in a fraction of the time.

Copying Lessons

Get started here: Copying Lessons

6. Scheduling Repeating Music Lessons

Do your music students sign up for multiple lessons that follow a specific pattern? If so, this feature will speed up scheduling significantly. You only need to schedule a single lesson, choose repeat settings (daily, weekly, monthly) and save the form. Future lessons in the repeating series will be scheduled automatically based on your selected settings.

Repeating Lessons

Get started here: Adding a Repeating Lesson

7. Resource Calendars

In addition to the main calendar, Teachworks also offers a Teacher Calendar and a Location Calendar. 

All of our calendars support the ability to drag and drop events (to update dates, times, locations and music teachers). You can also click on a time slot to open the “Schedule Lesson” form with your selections prefilled. 

7.1 Teacher Calendar: 

This calendar displays a list of music teachers on the left and is useful for checking availability for multiple teachers at once. If you would like to update the teacher assigned to a lesson, you can simply click and drag it to a new line. You can also click on an available time slot to add a lesson with the teacher already assigned.

Teacher Calendar

7.2 Location Calendar: 

This calendar displays a list of your music school locations and sub-locations on the left. It’s very useful to spotting available venues. If you would like to update the location assigned to a lesson, you can click and drag it to a new line. You can also click on an available time slot to add a lesson with the location prefilled. 

Location Calendar

8. Setting Defaults for Music Students

When you add a new music lesson to the calendar, it’s required to choose a teacher, location and service. You can select a default teacher, location and service directly on student profiles to pre-fill these fields when adding new lessons.

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