Infinite Repeat & Other New Updates!

Below is a quick rundown of our most recent features and enhancements!

Enhanced Lesson Completion Update

Do your teachers regularly forget to update a lesson’s status after entering lesson notes? We’ve added a setting that will require a status other than “Scheduled” to be selected for these lessons.

Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On

Learn More: Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On

Infinite Repeat Setting

This new setting will allow you to schedule never-ending lessons. Each month the end date will be extended automatically, allowing you to save more time and worry less about making manual changes.

Calendar List View: Available Spaces

Do you schedule group lessons with a set number of spaces on a regular basis? We’ve added a “Spaces” column to the Calendar List View to make it quick and easy to spot availabilities.

Missed Lesson Notification

Are you using our Cancellation Emails Add-On to notify clients about cancelled lessons? We’ve enhanced this feature to make it possible to send cancellation emails for missed lessons as well. 

Missed Lessons

Other Enhancements

  • We’ve added a status parameter to the API Lessons endpoint.
  • It is now possible for staff accounts with permission to manage students to convert independent students to family and child profiles.
  • We’ve added a “Paid/Unpaid” and “All” filter to the employee hours page
  • We’ve updated the date pickers to reflect the same first day of the week as the calendar.
  • We’ve added a “Margin” column to the Lesson Summary Report for the “Lessons” data type.

Optimizations for Faster Page Loads

  • Package Balances Table: We’ve added the option to allow companies to switch to a background calculation method for the package balances page for more efficiency and faster page loading. We’ve also optimized the query on this page.
  • Invoices Table: We’ve added improved indexing on the invoice page for faster page loading.
  • Invoice Autopilot Schedules: When adjusting settings on an invoice schedule, your settings will now be saved much quicker as we’ve optimized the process.

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