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If Teachworks is your tuition centre software of choice, you probably already have a good idea of the features included in the software. However, there are a number of hidden gems that you may not be aware of. These features and settings can help you to save more time and improve efficiency and accuracy.

This article will look at these features in more detail.

1. Easily Spot Uninvoiced Lessons

This feature is great for tuition centres that charge students for their individual lessons. To quickly spot uninvoiced lessons, go to Calendar > Lesson History by Student and select the “Uninvoiced” filter at the top of the page. You will notice that the Invoice column is blank for these lessons. This indicates that the lessons have not yet been added to an invoice.

easily spot uninvoiced lessons

2. Convert Independent Students to Family & Child Profiles

If you’ve accidentally added a student as an independent student instead of a child student, this feature is a fantastic time-saver.

It will create:

1) A family profile that has all of the invoices, payments, and other records that were associated with the independent student.

2) A child student that belongs to the family and has all of the lessons that were associated with the independent student.

Independent student conversion

Learn More: Converting Independent Students to Family & Child Profiles

3. Limit The Service Menu in Teacher Accounts

If your teachers schedule lessons, you may want to limit the service list to speed up the process for them and to ensure that they don’t select the wrong service. Selecting the correct service is especially important for students on packages.

Teacher Service Limit

With this option enabled, teachers will only see a student’s default services. More information: Limiting Service Menu in Teacher Accounts

4. View All Credit Notes

Want to quickly spot unallocated credit? You can filter the Invoices table by typing “Credit” in the search field. The “Balance” column will indicate any unallocated credit.

View all credit notes

5. Collect Credit Card Information Through a Custom Form

Are you using our Stripe Integration to process credit card payments from your customers? If so, you can add a credit card field to a custom enrollment form to collect credit card details as soon as a new customer signs up.

Credit Card Fields

You can also collect credit card details after the fact by sending customers an invitation to update their details.

Read more below:

6. Spot Student Inactivity

Our Last Lesson Report allows you to identify inactive students with ease. You can use these insights to follow up with clients to schedule more lessons, or you can deactivate inactive student profiles for a clutter-free account.

Last Lesson Report

Learn more: Last Lesson Report

7. View & Print Multiple Invoices At Once

This feature is a great time-saver for tuition centres that send hard copy invoices to their clients.

Go to Billing > Invoices and click the “Print View” link in the sidebar.

Print View

You can use your browser’s built in print settings to quickly print invoices in bulk, or save them in PDF format.

8. Internal / Shared Notes Templates

Some tuition centres follow a specific format when adding internal and shared notes to the Complete Lesson Form. If you follow this model, you can add internal and shared note templates to the account settings page. The data you enter will be pre-filled each time a lesson is completed in Teachworks.

Shared Notes template

9. Review Lesson Notes Before Sending Them

If you would like to review teachers’ lesson notes prior to sending them to students or parents, you can set the “Send Lesson Notes” permission on their profiles to “Off”. This will allow teachers to add lesson notes, but not send them.

Lesson notes can then be reviewed and sent easily and efficiently from the Lesson History by Student page. Apply the “Unsent Notes” filter to view only the relevant lessons.

Unsent Notes

10. View Lesson Notes in Bulk with the Lesson Summaries Report

Did you know that you can use the Lesson Summaries Report to pull up lesson notes from multiple lessons? You can use the report to view notes for single students or multiple students on a single screen and you can also view timestamps to verify that notes have been sent.

More information: Improve Efficiency with the Lesson Summary Report

11. Download the Student/Family/Employee List to View Information on a Single Screen

Downloading the student, family or employee list to Excel is useful for quickly viewing all user information on a single screen.


  • If you would like to find users that don’t have a user account enabled, you can download the relevant list and look at the “User Account” column to quickly find this information.
  • If you would like to find out how many students have been added to your account by month for the year, you can download the student list, sort the “Created At” column and calculate subtotals.
  • If you would like to quickly check whether students have the correct Billing Method assigned to their profile, you can look specifically at the “Billing Method” column included in the download.

*If you’ve added any custom fields, these will also be included in the download as columns.

12. Spot Group Lesson Openings at a Glance

If you schedule group lessons with a student limit, this feature is very useful for finding available spots.

Go to Calendar > Calendar List View and view the “Spaces” column.

Lesson Openings

13. Use the Repertoire Tracker for Tracking Things Like Textbooks

Our Repertoire Tracker is great for tracking the music pieces students are learning and performing, but if you don’t run a music school, it can also be used to track other items (such as the textbooks students are working on).

You can edit the add-on settings to change the terminology as needed.

Repertoire Tracker Custom Name

Learn more: Repertoire Tracker Add-On

14. Add Additional Lesson Statuses

This add-on allows you to create more descriptive lesson statuses for accurate attendance tracking. It is also useful for removing an irrelevant status from the list. For example, if the “Missed” status isn’t really relevant to your tuition centre, you can remove it using this add-on.

Lesson Statuses

More information: Custom Lesson Statuses Add-On

15. Let Teachers Reply to Customers

Do you want clients to reply directly to teachers for lesson notes and reminder emails? These settings can easily be updated on the account settings page under “Notification Settings”.

Reply to teachers

Are you still looking for a robust tuition center management system to streamline your business? Teachworks offers a myriad of time-saving features that can help you to shave hours off your work week.

Try it free for 3 weeks!

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