API Progress and Other New Updates!

API and other updates

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! Here’s what we’ve been working on recently:

1. API Update

We’re completing some final testing and documentation for the API, and it should be available very soon. Our initial release will include endpoints for retrieving records from Teachworks.  We’ll be opening this up to a small number of companies that have expressed interest. If you’d like to be considered for the early release, please let us know.

2. Drag & Drop Non-Teaching Events

To make it a bit easier and more efficient to manage non-teaching events, we’ve added the option to drag and drop these events in the Main Calendar and Location Calendar. You can easily update the date, time or location of the non-teaching event by dragging it to a new date, time slot or location.

3. Employee List Export for Large Lists

If you have a large number of employees, you may have experienced an occasional timeout when trying to download the Employee List. We’ve made some changes and the download will now run as a background job for large lists.

4. Employee Hours Table

We’ve updated the Employee Hours Table to display inactive employees that have received wage payments in the selected date range – even if they don’t have lessons during this time. Previously only active employees and inactive employees with lessons in the selected date range appeared in the results. 

5. Lesson History / Lesson History by Student

We’ve updated the search field on the “Lesson History” and “Lesson History by Student” pages to only include matching results up to the current date. Applying the date filter and then using the search field will include all records within the selected date range.

6. Open Classes Filter Improvement

We’ve updated the Open Classes filter to exclude non-teaching events and display only lessons based on the selection option (i.e. open or closed).

7. New Currency: Moroccan Dirham

We’ve added the Moroccan Dirham to our list of supported currencies.

8. Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a validation bug that occurred on the Custom Enrollment Form for families. Previously, if a prospective family accidentally clicked on “Add Student” and then removed this additional student, the removed student fields were still being required.
  • We fixed a bug on the Website Booking Plugin’s “Join Classes” option where the day of the week was being set using GMT. This resulted in the wrong day of the week appearing for some companies.


If you have any feature suggestions that will improve Teachworks, please let us know on our Feature Suggestions Forum!

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