Notification Logs: Track Your Teachworks Emails More Efficiently

Notification Logs

Teachworks makes it really easy to track the emails that you send to your employees and clients. You can quickly check when an email was sent, the contents of the email as well as the result that was returned by the recipients email provider on a single page. 

Being aware of the Notification Logs page and knowing how to use it can save you a lot of time. This article will cover everything you need to know!

1. Accessing the Page

The Notification Logs page can be found under Account & Settings -> Notification Logs. The page can be viewed by the company admin as well as staff with permission to send and view logs.

Permission Settings

2. What Information Is Included?

The Notification Logs page displays the following columns:

  • Sent Time: This column shows the time and date when the email was sent.
  • Recipient: This column shows who the email was sent to
  • Type: This shows the notification type that was sent
  • Subject: This column shows the subject of the email as a clickable link – click on the link to see the full message
  • Result: This column shows the result that was returned by the recipient’s email provider.

Notification Logs Columns

Some emails, such as account confirmation emails, password reset emails, SMS balance emails and package balance alerts emails are not included in the logs. If you have any questions about these types of emails, please let us know so that we can take a closer look for you.

3. Filtering Options

  • Date Range: The date range will default to two weeks, so remember to adjust this to the relevant data range.
  • Filters: A filter is included on the page to allow you to easily refine you search. You can include all results or filter by “Delivered” or “Dropped”.
  • Search field: If you’d like to search emails sent to a specific client, you can type their email address in the sidebar to only see results for that client.

Filtering options

4. The Result Column

If you get questions from employees and clients about not receiving emails, this is where you’ll need to look to find out why. The Result column displays the result that was returned by the recipient’s email provider and can show “Delivered”, “Sent” or “Dropped”.

What the statuses mean:

Delivered: The recipient’s email server returned a successful delivery response, so the email should appear in their inbox.

Sent: The message has been sent to the recipients email address, but a response has not been returned yet.

Dropped: The email was not delivered. This could be due to a few different reasons:

  • An invalid email address was captured on the user’s profile
  • A permanent error was returned by the server
  • The recipient has previously marked a notification as spam

A dropped status is indicated in red and you can hover over the status to see the error message that was returned.

Dropped Email

Emails that return a permanent error are automatically added to a suppression list to ensure that the sending reputation is not impacted negatively. In this case, you may want to pay special attention to the error message and take the necessary steps to resolve it. For example, is the error message suggests that the email address doesn’t exist, you may want to check that it was captured correctly on the user’s profile.

If you’d like us to remove the email address from the suppressions list, or if you need any help with an error message, please let us know!

5. Improve Deliverability of Transactional Emails:

We’ve recently added a new “verified email address” feature to improve deliverability and inbox rates for transactional emails that you send from your Teachworks account. Learn how to verify your email address here: Improve Deliverability with a Verified Email Address

6. Unsent Lesson Reminder Emails

If your employees or clients contact you about not receiving Lesson Reminder Emails, you may want to check the notification logs to see if these are being sent to them. If you don’t see any lesson reminders for them, you can follow these steps to find out why: Troubleshooting Email Lesson Reminders

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