Grow Your Business With An Online Booking Solution

Online Booking Solution

Offering a convenient and user-friendly booking solution to new and existing clients will help you grow your education business. Our website booking plugin allows you to embed a customized booking button directly on your website. New and existing clients can quickly and easily click on this button to book lessons with you. Here’s what it looks like: 

It is essential to go the extra mile when setting up the booking plugin, as this will encourage people to take action and book a lesson with you. The setup process is made up of 5 steps:

Step 1: Booking settings

The booking settings are general settings that will change the appearance and options of the booking plugin. Be sure to carefully complete each field to ensure that you use the plugin to its full potential. Settings include:

Location: This is the default location that will be assigned to the lesson when it’s added to the calendar.

Minimum Notice Hours: This setting will adjust the minimum number of hours prior to a lesson that your clients can book. If you require more time to sort out the necessary admin, you can increase this number.

Booking Completion Message: After your client has submitted a booking, they will be presented with a booking completion message. If there’s anything important that you want to tell them, you can include it in this section. If you want them to bring certain things to their first lesson for example, you can do this here.

Cancellation & Reschedule Instructions: The message entered here will appear when a client views their booking details from the link in their booking confirmation email. You can include instructions on how to go about if they want to change the time and date of their lesson or cancel altogether.

Teacher list settings: You have full control over how teacher names are displayed on the booking plugin. You can choose between:

  • First & Last Name
  • First Name & Last Initial
  • First Name Only

To further personalize the plugin, you can choose to display photos of each teacher. If you would like to enable this feature, make sure that each teacher profile listed has a photo uploaded.

Button Appearance & Action: This section will allow you to customize your booking button. You can select a button colour to match your brand and you can personalize the text on the button to something more in line with your company’s tone. Are you formal and professional or fun and trendy?

You can also choose to open the booking form on the same page or on a separate page.

Step 2: Booking options

After you have customized your settings, you can move on to adding booking options. To add a new option, click on the “Add” button.

Display name: This is the label name that will appear on the form. Be as descriptive as possible to ensure that clients know exactly what they’re booking for.

Service: This is the service that will be set for the lesson in the calendar. You can select one of your existing services or create a new one right from here.

Description: The description is optional, but you may want to include a compelling description of what the lesson entails. New clients will be more likely to book a lesson with you if they know exactly what will be covered in the lesson.

Duration: This is the duration of the lesson. When the lesson is added to the calendar it will use this setting to set an end date.

Bookable Teachers: Here you can choose which teachers display on the booking plugin. You can select all teachers, selected teachers or all teachers with a specific subject assigned to them.

Status: If you want to quickly remove an option from the booking options without deleting it, you can disable it here.

Step 3: Form fields

If you want to gather some additional information about your clients, you can add additional fields to the booking form. Select one of the available input types and give it a descriptive label. Only collect essential information to ensure that the booking process is as easy and quick as possible. You can always collect more information later on.

Step 4: Email Templates

After a client has completed the booking process, the teacher as well as the client will receive a confirmation email. You can edit these confirmation email templates and customize them with the available merge tags.

Step 5: Embed button code

The final step is to embed the button on your website.

  • Inline Button Code: Paste this code on your web page to display the button inline. It will appear where you paste the code on your website.
  • Edge Button Code: Add this code before the closing body tag on your website. The button will be displayed along the bottom edge of the visitor’s browser.
  • Booking Page URL: Access the booking page by copying this link in your browser. It can also be used in marketing efforts to drive customers directly to the booking page, or you can use the link for adding a custom button to your website.

Some general tips

1. Be thorough

When selecting settings and adding booking options, be as thorough as possible. Provide loads of information to encourage more people to book lessons with you. Set teacher availability to ensure that all available time slots display on the booking plugin.

After you have completed all the fields, be sure to thoroughly proofread everything. People will be hesitant to book a lesson for English tutoring if there are a bunch of typos in the class description.

2. Be approachable

Using photos and teacher first names on your booking plugin will make you more approachable. Make it as easy as possible for clients to contact you by providing accurate contact information in the completion message.

3. Be honest

Honesty is always the best policy. Don’t try to impress prospective clients with fancy words and promises, instead be honest about your services. Make sure that the class price that’s listed is correct to avoid having to change it later on and potentially breaking the trust between you and your clients.

If you would like to enable this plugin, you can visit our knowledge base for more information: Website Booking Plugin.

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