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At Teachworks it is our aim to provide you with great tutor management software, which is why we’re always adding new features and enhancing existing features. Here’s our most recent updates:

1. View all your profile notes at once

If you’re using the Notes & Communication logs add-on, you might recall that you had to view notes by going to each student’s profile. You can now view all profile notes at once by clicking on “Profile Notes” in the sidebar when you’re viewing your student list. Profile notes can be downloaded and exported to Excel.

2. Lesson Count included in Lesson Summaries Report

When you generate a lesson summaries report and you set the format to “Totals”, a “Lesson Count” column is now included. You can include all lessons for students in the lesson count, or only a select few, by changing the status filter.

3. Increased minimum width of calendar items

You might have noticed thin lines in your calendar if you schedule various lessons for the same time. We have changed the minimum width for events on the week and day view of the calendar to 15 pixels to ensure that events are always easy to see and clickable.

4. Scrolling made easy

If you’re using an iPhone for completing lessons, you might have noticed that you can’t scroll through lengthy lesson notes. You can now tap in the lesson notes field to expand the window, making it easier to read and edit notes.

5. Find the calendar list view in the navigation

We’ve included the ‘Calendar List View’ in the navigation, making it much quicker to access it. To find it, go to calendar -> Calendar List View

We invite you to let us know about any features that you think would improve Teachworks. Let us know on our Feature Suggestion Forum, and remember to provide a clear description of the feature to allow other companies to vote for it.

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