6 Must-Have Qualities of a Great Tutor

Great Tutor Qualities

As a tutor it is essential to constantly improve your skills and adapt your teaching methods to ensure that you keep making a difference in the lives of your students. While we all have our weaknesses, many characteristics associated with a good tutor can be learnt. With a bit of hard work, you can be a great asset to any tutoring team. Here are a few must-have qualities of an excellent tutor. 

1. Great tutors are organized

If being organized is not your strong suit, don’t despair. This is something that can be learnt, and fortunately there is great tutor scheduling software that can help you become more organized and efficient.

In Teachworks, you can keep track of your upcoming lessons, record detailed lesson notes and attach files to student profiles. You can also utilize the follow up add-on that allows you to add a follow up date and note to student or family records. Tutor scheduling software makes organizing your schedule a breeze.

2. Great tutors are experts in their fields

You are never done learning. Make sure that you are constantly reading and researching the latest trends in your field to make sure that you stay ahead of the curve. Constantly brush up on your knowledge and keep refining your skills to truly master your subject. Your students will lose faith in you if you struggle to give them answers or make mistakes when teaching.

3. Great tutors are caring

A great tutor knows that all students are unique and that they learn in different ways. While some learn by reading and reflecting, others learn by being more practical and hands-on. Engage with your student to find out their learning preference and adapt your teaching approach accordingly. Ask about their interests and try to incorporate it in the learning material. If you’re a mathematics tutor for example, and your student has a passion for video games, use their favourite characters in your examples. This will make learning fun and will help to position you as someone who really cares.

4. Great tutors care about their students’ future

You have the opportunity to make a big difference to how your students feel about education. Your approach to teaching could determine their future education choices, their career paths and ultimately their success in life. Be thorough when creating a teaching plan and avoid rushing through it. Carefully consider each of your students and make it your goal to help them reach their true potential.

5. Great tutors don’t underestimate their students

As a tutor, you will likely have to deal with students who struggle with learning. Be careful to not underestimate their abilities based on things you might have heard or preconceived ideas based on their results at school. Keep an open mind and make it clear that you have high expectations for them from day one. If they see that you don’t doubt their abilities, they are more likely to start believing that they can achieve greatness.

6. Great tutors have goals

It is essential to be focussed, and the best way to stay focussed is to set clear goals. As a tutor, you will have certain personal goals, but you will also need to set goals for each of your students. Carefully map out what you would like your student to achieve during your time together. You may want to include them in this process, as having clear, written-out goals will give them something to work towards.

If you are using good tutor management software, you will be able to send detailed lesson notes to your students. Use this to send them a copy of their objectives and refer back to it regularly to make sure you are still on track.

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