Adding Lesson Notes Efficiently

adding lesson notes

Keeping detailed records of teaching sessions is very important, however, adding lesson notes can be very time consuming for your teachers. Here are some ways to help your teachers add lesson notes fast and efficiently:

1 – Use Internal and Shared Notes

An easy way to help your teachers fill out notes more efficiently is to separate lesson notes regarding student progress and “Other” notes. For example, you can use the Shared Notes section to include lesson and student progress details only and use the internal notes section to include administrative details only.

2 – Pre-Filled Lesson Notes 

You can pre-fill lesson notes to include different sections to be filled by teachers. These sections will serve as a guide to teachers when they are adding lessons notes. Allowing them to include only the necessary notes per lesson. This feature also allows you to easily track progress over time in each section. More info: Pre-Filled Lesson Notes

prefilled lesson notes

3 – Using the “Submit & Next” Button

An easy way to save time when adding lesson notes is to complete all lessons at the end of the day. This way, teachers can use the “Submit & Next” button to complete and add lesson notes to multiple lessons in succession.

Most parents want to be in the know regarding their children progress. Lesson notes are an excellent way to reinforce the value of the services you provide as they help you showcase the progress made.

Do you have any tactics to help your teachers add lesson notes more efficiently? Let us know by commenting below.

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