How to Enable Calendar Feeds in Teachworks

calendar feeds

You can make it even easier for your teachers and staff to access their schedules, with Calendar feeds. iCalendar is a data standard program that allows calendar events to be shared between calendar programs and is used and supported by a large number of products including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. This feature allows you to sync your Teachworks calendar to your phone or tablet. 

In Teachworks, you can enable the Calendar feeds by going to Account & Settings > Integrations & Add-Ons > Calendar Feeds Add-On: Enable. Since the items seen on a calendar depend on the permissions on a staff or teacher account, you can create separate feeds for your entire teaching company and for each of your teachers or employees.

Company Feed

When you enable the company feed by checking the box, your feed URL will be displayed below the setting field.

Employee Feeds

When you enable employee feeds, the feed URL will be added to the employee’s profile page.

Additional Filters

For further control of the Calendar feeds, you can change the final parameter in the feed URL. The available settings are “all”, “lessons”, and “other”.

All – displays lessons and other non-teaching events from the calendar
Lessons – displays only lessons
Other – displays only other non-teaching events.

You may want to add a separate feed to your calendar program for lessons and other events to make it easier to distinguish between the two feeds. It is also important to mention, that Calendar feeds are secure and they are only available as “Read Only”. This means you would only be able to see the calendar events and will not be able to make any changes to it the actual schedule.

For more detailed instructions and links to instructions for subscribing to your Calendar feeds from popular calendar programs, check out the teachworks Knowledge Base article here: Teachworks Calendar Feeds

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