Tutoring Business Advice: Interview With an Industry Expert

tutoring business advice

Today’s post is filled with Tutoring Business Tips and advice from an industry expert. Adrianne Meldrum is a tutoring business coach that specializes in helping tutors navigate the business side of tutoring. 

Read our Interview with Adrianne Meldrum to gain a fresh insight into today’s Tutoring Business world!

Interview with Adrianne Meldrum:

What got you interested in the Tutoring Business?

In 2006, I had been a stay-at-home mom for just over a year. I loved it, but I felt like my brains were leaking out my ears. I asked my oldest sister what I should do. Like all good older sisters do, she told me exactly what to do: “Start tutoring and use your education degree.” I was so nervous about it, but little did I know that tutoring would put me on the path I am today! I adore tutoring middle school math students and enjoy all their quirks. How many people can say that?

What are some of the most surprising lessons you have learned along the way?

There is no shortcut to business.  You may hear of businesses that have blazing success in a short amount of time, but they are the exception, not the rule.  As Brene Brown says, “You can’t skip day 2.”  

Day 2 is the hard part of business.  The yucky middle where you have to show up and do the hard work.  The part of your journey where you feel confused or discouraged as you work.  The point of no return.

I’ve learned for myself and watched for many other tutors the same pattern emerge, it takes about 9 months to 18 months for you business to explode with clients.  Don’t give up!  Day 2 is where the work happens.

What is the best advice you have ever received? 

Writing copy on your website matters!  This is something you shouldn’t just slap together.  If your website sounds different than how you talk in person, there will be a disconnect.  My website has become my best client referral.  By the time a client calls me, they’ve made up their mind to work with me before I even say hello.  

That’s powerful.  Words are your most important business asset.   

What do you think is the most common problem you see in the Tutoring Business industry?

Underpricing is the smelly armpit of tutoring.  It stinks and affects not only you but others around you.  If you price yourself too low, you will get burned out as clients will expect to get more for less.  Not pricing adequately also prevents you from investing in yourself and purchasing the tools that will make the administration side of tutoring easier.  

My biggest desire is that all tutors watch my free training about pricing so they can afford to take a vacation and sick time, pay their taxes, buy software and training all while still being able to take home money for themselves.  

What do you think is “The Next Big Thing” – or what should we keep an eye out for? 

The Next Big Thing is already here, online tutoring is revolutionizing the tutoring industry.  Tutors are finding success working online and across time zones.  This allows tutors to maximize their time and reclaim their family hours in the evening.

Online tutoring can seem intimidating, I have lots of articles about tutoring over at the Tutor Coach and recently did a free training.  Currently, I am writing a book with a dear friend about online tutoring to help more tutors take that next big step online.

What skills or traits do you think are necessary to succeed in this industry?

Being a business owner is a wild ride with peaks and valleys mixed with calamities. It’s an array of emotions as you reach goals, fall short, and want to give up only to find renewed spirits the next day.

You have to be willing to make mistakes and get back up after falling.  Otherwise, you are riding what feels like a teacup ride instead of a roller coaster.  Being willing to take the ride and see it through long enough to see results are key to succeeding in the tutoring industry.

What would be your number one Tutoring Business tip to those just starting their business?

When starting tutoring, take the time to get your pricing right.  Take your time to research what others are charging with similar experience while keeping your personal financial goals in mind.  

Then take action every day to move your business forward.  Make connections with people in person and online.  Participate in conversations around learning and you’ll find that you will have more students than your schedule can handle.

Tell us about yourself and your company Tutor Coach

As part of my journey, I started the Tutor Coach in 2011. The site mostly began as a place to share what I was doing during tutoring and morphed into a site where tutors can find tips and training for their business. I’ve enjoyed watching tutors begin with just a simple search on my site and blossom into their own amazing business.

Tutoring has been a major blessing in my life. It allowed us to stay afloat when my husband was laid off in 2009 shortly after the birth of my third son and gave me the flexibility to deal with a myriad of autoimmune disorders. It’s flexibility I cherish and can’t imagine leaving.

How can people find out more about your business?

Connect with me via the Tutor Coach and take my free quiz to help you determine how to grow your business from where you are at now.  Look for me over at Math for Middles as well.  I am taking all of my in-person tutoring online. 

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