Setting Automatic Student Package Balance Alerts

Student package balance

Are you looking for ways to increase your teaching business sales, reduce your workload and improve customer service? The Student Package Balance Alerts will help you do just that.

If your clients purchase packages of lessons or hours, Teachworks’ Student Package Balance Alerts Add-on will be a helpful tool for your teaching business.  It works by generating an automatic email reminder sent to both the customer and the school administrator when unused lessons or hours reaches the “Alert Level”.

For example, if you track packages per lesson, and set the balance alert level to 5 lessons, an alert will automatically be sent to the customer and/ or the administrator once the unused lesson reaches the 5 lesson level.


This add-on can be useful for increasing your package sales by prompting your customer to purchase an additional package before their current package runs out, or to remind your clients to contact you about purchasing additional packages.

The Student Package Balance Alert email that is sent to clients can be customized with the subject and message that you want to send to clients.  The email sent to your company includes the client name, service type, unused balance as well as the client’s contact information to allow for immediate follow-up.

You can find full instructions for enabling and using this add-on here: Package Balance Alerts Add-on.

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