Locking Calendar Lessons and Events to Prevent Errors

Locking calendar lessons

If staff or teachers are making changes to lessons or events that have already been completed, invoiced and included in payroll, locking calendar lessons using the Calendar Lock Add-On will help prevent errors like these.


The calendar lock allows you to prevent lessons and non-teaching events from being edited, added or deleted on or before a specific date.  You can use a set date, or automatically lock the calendar a number of days relative to the current date. You can start using this Add-On today, by going to Account Settings > Integrations & Add-Ons > Calendar Lock.

When you’ve set a lock date, any lessons or events on or before the date will not display the Edit, Complete or Delete options in the pop-up that appears when you click the event.  The pop-up will also display a lock icon in the upper right corner to indicate that the event is locked.

You will also find a lock icon in the Lesson History and Lesson History by Student tables in place of the check box.

Forms for completing and editing lessons or events also display a warning message indicating that the event is locked if the date is on or before the lock date.

Common Feature Uses Include:

As mentioned previously, some companies use this feature to prevent clerical errors or to prevent changes to lessons and event that have already been invoiced. However, locking calendar lessons can also be used by some companies as a “Cut Out” time for teachers to complete their lessons.

For example, you can advise your teachers to make sure they complete their lessons on a daily basis after the lesson is attended as the calendar locks every day at 12am for the previous day. You can achieve this, by setting the “Lock Date Offset” to 1 day under Calendar Lock Add-On > Settings.

Do you have any questions regarding this feature? Are there any other ways you can use this feature to improve efficiency?

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