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The new school year ahead represents many opportunities for your tutoring business. Some students can experience difficulty keeping up with the school workload as early as the first week. Factors that influence this trend could be larger class sizes, increase in students with learning disabilities or simply a different learning style. Most parents will find themselves quickly looking for a way to help their children keep up with the workload and raise their grades with help from a tutor.

According to Global Industry Analyst Inc., the tutoring industry is expected to be worth an estimated of US $196.3 Billion by 2020, including the rapidly growing sector of online tutoring.

Is your tutoring business ready to take advantage of these opportunities?

As the demand for tutors increases, so does the number of competitors. Differentiating your tutoring business from competitors is crucial. In order to do this, you need to allocate more time to building your business and marketing efforts rather than spending time on administration tasks.  So, how do you find more time to allocate to building your business?

The key is keeping your business organized


The majority of your tutoring business activities revolve around your calendar. All of your scheduled, completed and canceled lessons, as well as tutor and student hours and availability, should be easily readable and available at all times. Switching your calendar to an online platform such as google calendars or a business management software can help build a stronger foundation for busier times ahead and gain a competitive advantage by being able to access information fast and efficiently.

Online Registration / Sign up forms 

Assuming you already own a website. It is important to create an online form that lets your customers contact you and sign up for your services online. Most parents will be doing research online before contacting your business. By providing them with an avenue to contact you online you can help them take that extra step to sign up for your service even after regular business hours.

Invoicing and Payments 

If there is one important aspect of your business that will get more complicated as your tutoring business takes off it is invoicing and payments. Keeping track of invoices created as well as payments received could be challenging. If you are currently processing invoices manually, you should  start looking into a system that lets you automate invoices and payments. This will help you save lots of time and reduce clerical errors.

Making sure your business is ready to attract and maintain more students is the key to success. The best way to make sure your business succeeds and is able to take advantage of the growth expected in the tutoring industry is to make sure your business foundation is strong and can handle rapid growth – especially around this time of year.

Some business management software companies specialize in tutoring businesses and allow you to have a variety of tools to optimize and automate your business. Including the ability to organize complex calendars and maintain detail records of your lessons, as well as tutor hours and availability. Some also provide the ability to “White Label” registration forms with your company logo and can save the inquiry as a “Prospective client” directly on your online account. Other features of a management software specialized for tutors include:

  • Personal user accounts
  • Automated payroll
  • Automated email and SMS notifications
  • Lesson notes
  • Lesson request and lesson enrollment

There are many other features tutoring business management software provides. The best way to find out which one suits your business activities best is to do a free trial. If you are expecting rapid growth for your business in the coming months, it is recommended to implement a business management software as early as possible to continue to provide your customers with the fastest and most reliable service.

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