Can I Customize Teachworks For My Specific Business Requirements?

Can I Customize Teachworks For My Specific Business Requirements?

Teachworks is tutor management software that offers all the tools tutoring companies and other education companies need to manage the administration side of their business. This includes tools for client and tutor management, scheduling, billing, payment processing, payroll and more. 

While Teachworks is an off-the-shelf software program, what sets it apart is the flexibility it offers for customization. Beyond our core features, we offer numerous customizable settings and over 60 free integrations and add-ons. This means you can adjust settings and turn on extra features, making your account work exactly the way you want it to for your business.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at:

  • Teachworks’ Modular Design
  • Our Approach to Feature Development
  • The Teachworks API
  • The Zapier Integration

Teachworks’ Modular Design

When you get started with your Teachworks account, you will see a clean, easy-to-use interface with all the core tools your education business needs to manage your operations. This includes a calendar with various views and filters, user lists, reports, invoices and more.

As you configure and optimize your account, you will see numerous settings that can change how your account behaves. For example, you can adjust the terminology used in the software and you can choose how packages are tracked. 

You can then extend the functionality of your account even further by enabling specific integrations and add-ons that make sense for your business. This type of design is called modular design. By enabling only the relevant features, you can steer clear of clutter and streamline your work for greater efficiency.

Teachworks offers more than 60 free integrations and add-ons. Popular integrations include Stripe for payment processing, QuickBooks Online for accounting, MailChimp for email management, and Lessonspace for online lesson management. Popular add-ons include a website booking solution, custom enrollment/application form builder, invoice autopilot and 2-factor authentication. You can find the full list of features here: Free Integrations & Add-Ons  

Our Approach to Feature Development

We prioritize developing features that will bring value to most of our clients. When considering new additions, we consider if the feature would streamline processes and improve efficiency for most education businesses. If the answer is yes, or if there’s a significant demand, then we work on adding the feature to Teachworks.

While we implement features that would benefit the majority of companies, there are instances where requests are highly specific to a single company’s needs. In these cases, we encourage companies to hire a developer to build a custom solution for them. 

The Teachworks API

If your company requires something custom, we want to make it as easy as possible for the developers you hire to build the solution for you. To speed up development, we’ve created the Teachworks API.

Our API allows you and your developers to access data in your account, such as lesson or student data, to create external tools. The Teachworks API features over 65 endpoints that all support different functions and we’re always working on improving and expanding functionality. Find more information about our API here: Teachworks API

While we can’t recommend a specific developer to create custom solutions for you, we can recommend popular platforms where you can find one. Fiverr and Upwork both feature skilled developers that can get the job done. If you go this route, be sure to carefully review each candidate’s past projects along with feedback from other companies. If your website was built by a web developer, you may want to try reaching out to them to find out if they would be able to build the solution for you.

Zapier Integration

In addition to the features in the sections above, Teachworks also offers a Zapier integration. Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Jotform, PayPal, and more than 3,000 others. 

In certain situations, you might not need a custom solution at all – there could be an existing option on Zapier. Zapier’s extensive library of app integrations offers a wealth of possibilities, allowing you to connect and automate tasks across various applications without the need for a tailored solution. It’s worth exploring Zapier to discover pre-built solutions that might perfectly fit your needs.

Learn more about our Zapier Integration here: Zapier Integration

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