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Teachworks makes it easy to find the information you need to investigate issues and stay on top of your business data.

Most of the information you need is displayed in your account already, but in some cases you may need to download tables to access some additional fields. Fortunately, our Excel Downloads feature makes this process quick and painless should you need to dig a little deeper.

In this article, we’ll look at a few key tables that you can download as well as some possible use cases.

1. Family, Student and Employee Lists

When you download the Family, Student and Employee lists, you will be presented with all the profile fields as columns in the download. You can easily view, compare and sort data for multiple families, students and employees on a single screen.

Possible uses


  • To verify that students have the correct billing method assigned to them.
  • To verify that students are assigned to the correct teachers and services.
  • To check that all users have user accounts enabled/disabled.
  • To see if notifications are enabled/disabled for all users (Lesson Notes, Email Lesson Reminders, SMS Reminders).
  • To take a quick glance at follow up notes and dates if you’re using the Follow Up Add-On. 
  • To get a list of email addresses/phone numbers for external communication tools you may use.


  • To verify that permission settings are correct for all teachers and staff.
  • To make sure that wage settings are correct for each employee.
  • Quickly sorting teachers by subject to make the matching process easier.
  • To see if notifications are enabled/disabled for all employees (Email Lesson Reminders, SMS Reminders).
  • To check that all users have user accounts enabled/disabled.
  • To get a list of email addresses/phone numbers for external communication tools you may use.

2. Lesson History / Lesson History by Student Tables

The Lesson History and Lesson History by Student tables are useful for getting quick information related to specific lessons. 

The Lesson History table is grouped by teacher, so if you have many group lessons these will appear as a single entry. The Lesson History by Student table will have an entry for each student, so if you have a group lesson with 5 students, it will appear as 5 different entries in the table.

Possible uses

Lesson History

  • To calculate the average number of students that attend group lessons.
  • To make sure wages and wage premiums are set correctly.
  • To get the average duration of lessons. 

Lesson History by Student

  • To verify that costs, discounts and cost premiums have been applied correctly.
  • To review shared and internal notes for multiple lessons on a single screen.
  • To ensure lesson statuses have been updated correctly. If you have specific Custom Lesson Statuses, you can sort the status column to find the relevant lessons quickly.
  • To make sure lessons have been included on an invoice (this is visible directly in Teachworks too) 

3. Invoices Table

The invoices table provides most of the information you need right in Teachworks. The download displays the invoice fields in columns, making it easier to find specific information without having to open up each invoice.

Flagged Invoices

When a change is made to lessons included on an invoice that affect the invoice total (such as a lesson being cancelled or pricing being changed) an invoice is flagged. Accounting for the change will hide the flags permanently, so any future changes will not result in the invoice being flagged again. The download includes a “Flags Hidden” column that makes it easy to find these invoices should you need to investigate a billing issue.

4. Employee Hours & Earnings

You can download employee hours and earnings to Excel to quickly verify that everything has been recorded correctly ahead of payroll. Once you’ve confirmed everything is correct, you can export the data and import it to your current payroll solution.

The following article has more information about finding employee hours & earnings data in Teachworks: Getting Employee Hours Data

In this article, we looked at a few key tables that can be downloaded using our Excel Downloads feature. These tables include useful fields in the download, allowing you to verify, compare and sort information in Excel as needed.

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