Improve your Customer Experience with Location Links

With so many tutoring companies hosting online lessons, it’s important to focus on the small details that can improve customers’ experience. A great option to do so is by creating an efficient way for students to access their lesson meeting rooms. 

With Teachworks’ Location Links Add-on, you can easily add clickable links for online lesson locations, or even in-person Google Maps directions. With this feature, students and teachers alike can conveniently access their lessons in no time. 

What is the Location Links Add-on? 

The Location Links Add-on is a feature within Teachworks that allows you to display a location name as a clickable link for easy access to lesson locations. These links can be displayed within the lessons on the calendar and in both email and SMS lesson reminders. 

Location links are helpful for companies that provide online lessons or need easy access to Google Maps for directions. 

Benefits of Using the Location Links Add-on

Location Links help to improve customer experience by making ease-of-use a priority for your students. With this add-on, your business can be benefited in a couple ways. 

  1. Saves teachers and students time 

With the Location Links Add-on enabled, students and teachers no longer have to search to find their lesson URL minutes before it’s due to start. As links are located within multiple areas within Teachworks, they’re always available and easy to find quickly. 

Additionally, administrators are able to pre-add all online location links at once, so there’s no need to manually add links when creating lessons on the calendar. 

  1. Accessible in multiple ways  

Both students and teachers are able to access clickable location links in a couple different ways. If you utilize Email or SMS Lesson Reminders, you can easily include the location link within the notification they recieve. Likewise, location links can also be accessed within the lesson’s “View” link on their calendar. 

  1. Standardized process 

Using location links can help streamline and standardize communication between your company and students. With specific processes in place for students to find lesson URLs, there’s no confusion as to where to access their lessons.

  1. Flexible usage options 

You can use location links in a few different ways. If your company is fully online, you can easily add a URL to an online lesson room like Zoom, or Skype. Additionally, if your teachers need to travel to a students house, a Google Map location can be added for quick directions. 

Enabling & Using Location Links Add-on

You can take advantage of this useful feature in just a few steps. Once enabled, location links will be available for you to add or edit existing locations. 

Enabling Location Links: 

To enable the Location Links Add-on, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Go to your Account & Settings. 
  2. Select Integrations & Add-ons.
  3. Find the Lesson Flags Add-on.
  4. Press “Enable.”

Adding a Location Link:

Once you’ve enabled the add-on, you’ll notice that a new “Link” field is added to the “Add Location” form when in the Locations page. To access this, simply go to Accounts & Settings > Locations > Add Location. 

When you’re adding a location, you can give it a name, change its color within the Calendar, and enter your URL link into the field that says “Link”.  Once you’ve included that information, you can select your other preferences and press “Save”.

Likewise, if your location has individual rooms, you can add links to each individual sub-location. If you choose to not add a link to a sub-location, the original location’s link will be automatically applied. 

Accessing Location Links:

When your URL link has been added to the Location, it will appear in all the pages where a Location is referenced within Teachworks. Some of these pages include: 

  1. Main Calendar: you can view the location URL when you select the “View” button. This is easy access for students and teachers to access the lesson room. 
  1. Lesson Reminders: include location links within your email and SMS reminder messages. 
  1. Lesson History: the location link will be displayed when you click the lesson title. 
  1. Lesson History by Student: view the location link when you click the lesson title. 


The Location Links Add-on is a simple but powerful tool to make accessing online lessons more convenient for both your students and teachers. With online tutoring software like Teachworks, tutoring managers can help streamline their business processes and improve customer experience with many features like Location Links Add-on. Try our 3 week free trial today to see how!

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