4 Reasons why your Music School Needs a “Meet the Team” Page

Establishing an online presence personalized to your brand can help make a music studio successful. Yet, many studios overlook creating a page on their website that presents their team’s skills and accomplishments to their potential clients.

Around 86% of consumers say that originality is a key factor when choosing which companies to support. So, while every studio’s website will be different, publishing a “Meet the Team” or an “About Us” section helps set you apart from the competition, and provide the transparency, trust, and authenticity that potential students are looking for. 

In this post, we will explain how a team section or page can help make your brand stand out from the competition, increase credibility, and help to generate more business. Additionally, we will demonstrate the ease of adding a team section within Teachworks’ music studio software – without any additional coding or developers. 

What is a “Meet the Team” page?

A “Meet the Team” page is a part of your website dedicated to introducing your team to prospective students that visit your website. It can provide useful insight into your teachers’ personalities, giving your brand transparency and an added personal touch.

Benefits of a “Meet the Team” page

A team page can benefit your studio in many ways. Below are some of the top reasons why you may want to consider one. 

1. Markets your teachers’ talents 

Adding a team page is an effective way to make your music school more accessible to your potential clients. It helps to personalize your studio’s image, making it more credible and memorable. It gives them an idea of who exactly they’ll be interacting with, and how their talents can help them achieve their own goals.

Additionally, choosing to display your teachers’ accomplishments and musical education demonstrates that you are proud of the people you work with and the things they’ve accomplished. This helps them stay engaged and feel more valued at work. 

2. Helps students find a suitable teacher 

The personalized skills, qualifications, and background is shown in this section allow potential students to review available teachers based on their proficiency in the musical instrument they want to learn. Similarly, students may connect to a teacher based on their personality or hobbies and interests. 

What you choose to display about your team should be able to convince visitors of your teachers’ ability to effectively teach their instrument and meet the goals of their students. 

3. Helps build a connection with potential customers 

A team page displays a level of humanness on your website that goes beyond just listing services and costs. It showcases the individuals that help operate your business, giving customers a glimpse into their personality, musical background, and what they’re like to work with.  

The more detailed the information and facts are on teachers’ profiles, the more potential students can find aspects to relate to. This welcoming introduction can be the start of a long professional relationship with your teachers.  

4. Increases your brand’s credibility

Visitors come to your website to gather information on the music services offered by your studio. A transparent website that shows the teachers behind the business is an easy way to increase your brand’s credibility, especially since teaching music involves lots of interaction. 

Likewise, parents want to know that their child is receiving a quality music education and is in good hands at your studio. Showing your teachers’ accomplishments and skills is a great start to put their minds at ease by creating the basis for a more personal relationship. 

What makes a strong “Meet the Team” page?

Your studio’s services are what bring potential clients to your website, but it’s your team’s skills that serve as the basis for an exceptional experience that creates long-term students. Presenting these can be done with a thorough team section that highlights your teachers’ expertise, personality, and suitability for their position. 

Topics to consider adding to a team page: 

When choosing what to display, take into account your teachers’ musical accomplishments, education, training, and personality. These unique characteristics and hard-earned expertise are important to include as they demonstrate their credibility and suitability for their role. Some options to include in teachers’ descriptions include: 

  • Where they completed their education.
  • How many years of experience they have playing a certain instrument/teaching music.
  • Their relevant accomplishments and awards.
  • Personal facts (like their hobbies, favourite sports).
  • Adding social media links (LinkedIn, etc).

Create a “Meet the Team” page in Teachworks!

Teachworks’ Website Profile Add-on is an easy and quick way to create a comprehensive team section directly on any page within your website. As this feature is included within your subscription, there are no additional costs, coding, or hiring developers. 

Enabling the add-on

To enable this feature within Teachworks, select Account & Settings > Integrations & Add-ons. Find “Website Profiles” and select enable, then you are able to start configuring the profiles. 

Customizing website profiles

There are many ways to customize your “Meet the Team” page using the Website Profiles Add-on. To best suit your branding and website design, you can modify name tag colours and how the section is presented; as a grid layout or directory (list) format. 

The profile fields you can choose to display are their first name (required), last name, last name initial, a photo, their position, a descriptive bio, city, state, how long they’ve been a teacher, the subjects or instruments they teach, and their general availability. 

The profiles on your website are automatically kept up-to-date using the information from the teacher profiles within your Teachworks account.

TIP: If you track your website’s SEO, you can work target keywords into your teachers’ biographies to help improve your rankings! 

Adding profiles to your website 

It’s quick and easy to add your teachers’ profiles to any page of your website. Using the script found within the “Settings” section of the feature, you can copy the line of code and paste it into your website’s HTML where you’d like it to appear. 

You can also add distinct groups of profiles by creating multiple website profile plug-ins and adding them separately to your website! Learn more about doing that here – Adding Multiple Website Profile Sections to your Website.


By creating and adding a “Meet the Team” page to your website, your business is better able to market your teachers, help students find the right fit, make connections with customers, and enhance its credibility as a professional music school. With a Teachworks account, you can use the Website Profile Add-on as a quick and easy way to implement a team section to any page on your website.

For step-by-step instructions on enabling and customizing this feature, read more here –  Website Profile Add-on. To learn more about how music school software like Teachworks can help you run your studio effectively, try our 3-week trial for free! 

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