4 Ways Custom Application Forms Streamline your Hiring Process

Are you looking for great candidates to join your tutoring team? Hiring the right people for your company can be a time-consuming process for busy managers. However, by using effective tutor management software like Teachworks, your business’ hiring process can be streamlined to help lighten the load of application review.

Why use custom application forms?

It can be tedious to find quality tutors, but when choosing the right person this hard work is well worth it. Tutors work directly with your students and are expected to provide a great experience and quality education. If they fail to do so, students may not rebook sessions in the future. By creating and using custom forms during the application stage of the hiring process, you can identify top candidates easier. 

Each resume varies, and while reviewing them you may notice that there are many that don’t include the exact information you’re looking for. By creating customized application forms with fields for the exact details you require, you can eliminate the extra back and forth needed to get the right information from promising applicants. 

Teachworks’ custom application forms are easy to create and build. Within the administrator’s Integration and Add-Ons page, you can enable the Add-On to configure a new employee form or manage any existing forms. For more information on how to build a custom application form, take a look at our Custom Forms Add-On article.

Benefits of using custom application forms

Teachworks’ Custom Forms Add-On can help to speed up the hiring process through customizable profile fields, form location flexibility, efficient review and custom branding & style. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Customization

When creating the application forms, you have many possibilities to customize the questions asked and the options included. While standard profile fields come pre-added within the forms, you are able to create any kind of question you’d like using the Profile Fields Add-On. Likewise, you’re able to make any of the questions required for completion. Some of the options you could include on the form are: 

  • Standard Profile Fields: first name, last name, and email are required on all forms by default. In addition, you can also add the following standard fields to your form: 
    • Bio: option to include a biography detailing their experience and other information
    • Subjects: allows teachers to define which subjects they are comfortable teaching 
  • Attachments: allow applicants to include their resume or other credentials.
  • Terms: require candidates to accept your employment terms and conditions. This feature keeps a version history of terms and records a timestamp to allow you to easily see which terms applicants agreed to.
  • Custom Profile Fields: add your own fields when customizable labels and field types such as text fields, text areas, select, multiple select, checkbox, and radio button option.  
  • Google’s reCAPTCHA: protect against unwanted spam 
  • Redirect URL: control which page candidates land on after submitting their application.
TIP: If you use Google Analytics to track metrics related to your website, redirect your candidates to a success page where you can track applicant goal conversions

The ability to customize the form using the field types available allows you to tailor questions specifically to your company’s qualification and experience requirements. In addition to gathering relevant information for review, custom forms allow you to assess other aspects like comprehension, grammar, spelling, and attention to detail right from the submission.

2. Customizable Branding & Style 

Custom application forms can easily be styled as needed. Below are some styling options available:

  • Dividers and section headings to help organize and style to your preferences  
  • Your company’s logo for added professionalism 
  • Customized application title (this is especially helpful when accepting applications for differing roles)
  • Completion message when the form is submitted

These formatting options that Custom Forms Add-On offers help to personalize your tutor applications specifically tailored to your business needs and preferences.

3. Easy Embedding & Linking  

Once you’ve created your custom application, you can now choose to display your application to candidates in a couple of ways.

Linking to the form

Each custom form created has a unique URL that can be added to your website as a button or a text link. The link can also be used to direct tutors to your custom application form on job board advertisements, within emails, or even social media profiles.

Embedding the form on your website

Application forms can also be embedded within an iframe on any page on your website. This is an easy way to collect information from potential tutors who come across your website. 

4. Time Savings 

If you choose to add the form to your website, applicants can conveniently apply even outside of office hours. 

Once candidates have completed the various fields and submitted their application, a corresponding profile is created automatically within Teachworks and filed under the “Prospective” status. All that’s left for you to do is to review their submission based on their fit for the role. 

If you choose to approve their application, Teachworks’ tutor management software makes it easy to onboard new tutor hires with only a few steps. Since their profile has already been created after receiving their application, you will only need to change their status from prospective to active, update their wage information, quickly send a welcome email/SMS or enable their own user account to access the platform.    

Even though hiring tutors will always require your expertise to select the best candidates, Teachworks’ Custom Forms Add-On can help simplify the process of accepting applications, sorting through candidates and onboarding new tutors. If you’re interested in speeding up your recruitment process, sign-up for our 3-week free trial today!

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