Multiple Website Profile Plugins & Other Updates

Multiple Website Profile Plugins & Other Updates

We have some fantastic new features and updates we’re excited to share with you! New to Teachworks since our last update are Multiple Website Profile Plugins, and much, much more.

Multiple Website Profile Plugins

The Website Profiles Add-On provides a simple method of adding professional employee profiles to your website; all you need to do is complete each employee’s Teachworks profile, enable the add-on, and add a single line of code to your website.

Now, however, you can also easily create multiple website profile plugins in your Teachworks account. This feature is perfect for companies that want to display groups of employee profiles on their website based on employee experience, grades tutored, or services offered.

The process is easy, too. Simply click the “Add New Plugin” link in the Website Profiles Add-On, configure the plugin, and click submit. A new line of code will be generated for each plugin you create that can be added to your website independently.

You can find more information about enabling multiple website plugins in this article: Website Profiles Add-On.

“Other Compensation” Measure For Time Series/Breakdown Reports

The Time Series and Breakdown Reporting tools in Teachworks are fantastic resources for grabbing detailed snapshots of daily trends, broader trends over time, and much, much more. We’ve recently added “Other Compensation” as a measure for both reports, so you can run more detailed reports about employee wages and expenses. 

Require Lesson Notes by Lesson Status

Lesson notes are an important component of tutoring; they offer a snapshot of student progress, tutor impressions, and future goals for tutoring sessions. Teachworks offers two fields for entering notes on the Complete Lesson Form: Internal Notes (for internal notes) and Shared Notes (to be shared with students and families).

As the company admin, you can make notes required to complete a lesson using the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On. Now, we’ve also added options to select which lesson statuses notes are required for, so you can further customize your record keeping preferences.

If you’re interested in the settings to require notes and require notes by lesson status you can find more information about enabling those settings in this article about the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On.

Other Updates & Enhancements

Greater Than, Less Than filter by ID to API: We’ve added Greater Than & Less Than filters by ID to the Teachworks API endpoints for lessons, locations, customers, students, and employees.

Student Groups Column Added to Student List Download: We’ve added a “Student Groups” column to the Student List download for companies that have the Student Groups Add-On enabled.

Link to Tutor Profile in “View” lesson pop-up window: The teacher’s name in the “View” lesson pop-up window is now hyperlinked directly to the teacher’s Teachworks profile. 

Option to Disable Link Editor using Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On: We’ve enabled the option to disable links in the notes section on the Complete Lesson Form. You can disable links for notes using the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On.

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