5 Ways Potential Customers Evaluate Your Tutoring Business

5 Ways Potential Customers Evaluate Your Tutoring Business

More than ever before customers are seeking out information before making a purchasing decision, and it’s important to know what they’re looking for when they’re evaluating which tutoring business will best meet their needs. In this article we’re going to discuss 5 ways potential customers evaluate your tutoring business to gauge if it will be a good fit for them, and how you can optimize frequent touch points with customers to make a great impression.

Searching behaviours that potential customers might use when looking for a tutoring business include visiting your website, social media pages, calling your business, and visiting your physical location.

Below we’ve outlined 5 ways potential customers evaluate your tutoring business, and how you can ensure you’re making it easy for customers to find the information they need to understand how your business can help them.

What Services Your Business Offers

A potential customer’s search for a tutoring business generally starts with a simple need: they (or their children) need or want your business to help them further their education.

Their search is also probably going to be quite focused. They might need help with english, math, or chemistry. If they’re searching for a music school, they’re likely looking for help learning a specific instrument.

That means one of the first things they’ll do when they come into contact with your business is look for the services you offer, so it’s important your services are readily available and easy to find so customers can mentally check this first box indicating your business might suit their needs.

Your services should be easily accessible on your website, and you should link to specific pages when promoting services online (instead of your general website). Also have your service list with prices available for your admin staff should potential customers call or visit your office for more information.

Your Prices, Packages, & Other Offerings

Your potential customers have now verified your business provides help in the area they’re seeking help with; their next question is likely going to be about your prices and your service offerings.

Your prices and service offerings should also be easy to find on your website, and should ideally be linked to the services themselves. Customers looking at your website they should be able to get from service to price in just a few clicks or less. If customers are looking at pamphlets or flyers they should know exactly where to find your prices (e.g. on your website) and exactly how to find your site.

Potential customers will also want to know if your business offers one-off lessons at hourly rates, packages of lessons, flat fees, discounts, etc., since that information is also relevant to their purchasing decision.

For more information about getting the most out of your services, check out this article about Maximizing the Value of Your Tutoring Services.

Delivery Method of Lessons

Your potential customers will also want to know how lessons are delivered:

  • Are lessons delivered one-to-one, in groups, or both? Do your fees change based on class size?
  • Are lessons delivered in person or online?
  • Where are in-person lessons delivered (student’s home, public places, your facility)?

Most tutoring businesses offer some flexibility regarding some of these details, but it’s still a good idea to have general answers to these questions available for searchers. Including some of these details where relevant (i.e. in service listings, FAQ pages, etc.) will help make it easy for customers to find this information.


Professionalism inspires trust, and although professionalism might not be the reason that potential customers choose your business, a lack of it could be the reason they don’t. That’s because being professional impresses on customers that your business, and its employees, are competent and capable of helping them.

Customers search for your professional approach everywhere, too. They want to see it on display on your website and on your social media pages. They want to hear it in your voice when they talk to you on the phone, and they want to see you dressed professionally when they visit you at the office.

It’s important, then, to make sure that your business and its employees are professional across touch points. That means conveying a sense of respect, reliability, competency, and responsibility wherever and however your business interacts with customers.

Experience Level of Your Tutors

Your potential customers are searching for specialized help because they have a specific goal they’re trying to achieve; they want to improve in a subject, get better at playing a musical instrument, or score high on their upcoming SAT.

And they need to know that your tutors are experienced and qualified enough to help them achieve their goals. You can do this by posting tutor profiles on your website that display tutor experience levels, qualifications, and past achievements.

Tutor profiles will also help humanize your services, since potential customers can learn more about the actual tutors they can expect to meet with when they schedule lessons with your tutoring business.

Remember a Potential Customer’s Mindset

Remember that potential customers are searching for specific information when they evaluate your tutoring business and its competition, and it’s important your business makes that information readily available at all touch points.

Remember that in the early stages of their search your potential customers are feeling out your business to get a general impression of it; they want to know your business teaches what they need to learn and that they can trust you and your tutors to deliver those services.

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