Save Time By Processing Tutoring Center Records In Bulk

Save Time By Processing Tutoring Center Records In Bulk

If you manage a tuition centre you’ll probably agree that there is never enough time in a day. In this article we’re going to discuss how Teachworks’ tutor management software will help you save time by processing tutoring center records in bulk so you can spend more time helping students reach their goals. 

There are a number of features in Teachworks that allow you to efficiently process records in bulk, rather than needing to update or process records one at a time. We’re going to discuss each of the following features in more detail:

  • Bulk Wage Payments
  • Bulk Invoice Payments
  • Bulk Record Uploads & Updates
  • Bulk Invoice Creation
  • Updating Lessons in Bulk

Bulk Wage Payments

Teachworks is a fantastic resource for tracking teacher hours, calculating employee earnings, and keeping a record of wages that have been paid to employees.

Employee wage payments can be recorded one-at-a-time, or they can be recorded in bulk using the Bulk Wage Payments Add-On. Simply choose which lesson statuses you’d like to record wage payments for, set a pay period date range, and submit the wage payment forms.

Before submitting a bulk wage payment you can also review a summary of unpaid hours, broken down by unpaid lesson earnings, unpaid non-teaching earnings, and unpaid “Other Compensation.”

Bulk Invoice Payments

If you use the Stripe Integration to process client credit card payments you can also save client credit card information in Stripe and process payments on behalf of clients.

With the Bulk Invoice Payments feature you can charge saved client credit cards in bulk, rather than needing to individually process invoices for each customer. Simply enable the feature in your Stripe Integration settings, select which invoices you’d like to process payments for, and click “Submit.”

For more information, check out this article about Bulk Invoice Payments.

Bulk Record Uploads & Updates

Teachworks has an easy-to-use import feature for uploading new records and updating existing records. Whether you’re just getting started with Teachworks, or you’d like to Enable Lesson Reminder Emails for 200 existing customers at once, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the time you spend by performing these actions in bulk.

Import Templates are available for Family & Child Students, Independent Students, Teachers, and Staff, so there’s no need to spend your time with repetitive tasks like updating phone numbers, email addresses, or profile statuses one-by-one.

Creating Invoices In Bulk

Invoicing in Teachworks is simple; all you need to do is select a date range and which lesson statuses you’d like to include on the invoice, and submit. All lessons matching your criteria are pulled from your Teachworks Calendar and added to the invoice, which can immediately be approved and sent to the customer.

Even with such a simple process, repeating it hundreds of time would be repetitive and time consuming. Fortunately, Teachworks has two methods you can use to create invoices in bulk: Creating Multiple Invoices and Creating Invoices Automatically.

When Creating Multiple Invoices, you would follow the same simple steps listed above but for multiple clients at once. Invoices can be approved and sent out immediately, or saved for reviewal before they’re sent out to customers.

If you’d like to nearly eliminate the time you spend invoicing you can use the Invoice Autopilot Add-On to automatically invoice your customers. Using this add-on, you can easily create multiple autopilots with different schedules and settings, so all of your customers are invoiced according to the correct schedule.

Update Lessons In Bulk

The Lesson History by Students table in Teachworks offers a high level view of student lessons for a specific date range that includes lesson date, time, student, teacher, cost, invoice status, and other information. This table can be used to track which lessons have notes entered and easily edit/update lessons as needed.

While viewing the Lesson History by Student table you can also easily update lesson statuses in bulk, rather than needing to update the status for each lesson one-at-a-time. Simply check the boxes beside the lessons you want to update, select the status you’d like to set the lessons to, and click “Submit.”

Start Saving Your Time Today

Processing tutoring center records in bulk will save time, make your business more efficient, and free up more time for you to connect with students. In this article we’ve highlighted some of the ways in which Teachworks will help you reduce the time you spend managing your tutoring center.

Bulk record processing is one of the benefits of Teachworks tutor management software, but Teachworks has other features that will help you streamline and grow your teaching business. If you’d like to try out the software you can click the link below and get started with your free trial today.

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