Bulk Wage Payments Add-On & Other New Updates

Bulk Wage Payments Add-On

At Teachworks we’re dedicated to developing tools that can help education businesses of all sizes speed up administrative processes and reduce headaches. Below is a quick summary of our latest additions.

1. Bulk Wage Payments Add-On

We’ve added a Bulk Wage Payments Add-On that allows you to process wage payments for all teachers and employees at once. This brand new time-saver will ensure efficient wage payment capturing, regardless of the size of your business. As your business grows, the time it takes to process wage payments will only increase by a fraction.

Bulk Employee Payments

How it works:

1. Enable the Add-On on the Integrations & Add-Ons page

2. Go to Employees > Employee Hours or Employee Payments and click the “Bulk Payments” link in the sidebar

3. Customize the settings: choose the payroll period, select the relevant lesson statuses to include (or leave this field blank to include all lessons), select a payment date, add a description (this will be applied to all recorded payments) and enable/disable the option to send a payslip.

4. Click the “View Summary” button to see a summary for unpaid lesson earnings, non-teaching earnings and other compensation. This tool is useful for quickly verifying that the selected settings are correct.

5. Click the “Process Payments” button to quickly process payments for all employees with unpaid earnings during the selected period.

Learn more on our Knowledge Base: Bulk Wage Payments Add-On

2. Payroll Identification Numbers Add-On

This new add-on lets you store payroll identification numbers (such as Australian Business Numbers, Social Insurance Numbers, or Social Security Numbers) for teachers and employees. These numbers can easily be included in payslip emails.

Payroll ID number

How it works:

Once you’ve enabled the add-on on the Integrations & Add-Ons page, a “Payroll ID Number” field will be added to employee profiles under the “Employment Details” section. A {PAYROLL-ID} merge tag will also be added to the Employee Payment email template.

Learn more: Payroll Identification Numbers Add-On

3. Results Tracking Enhancement

We’ve added a great time-saver to our Results Tracking Add-On. You can now import results in bulk using our “Results Import Template”.

How it works:

1. Download the template and a list of your result groups (this is useful for ensuring that spelling and formatting is consistent).

2. Complete the template without making changes to the column titles and save it in .xls format.

3. The data from the template will be displayed on the “Add Results” form where you can verify that everything is correct.

4. Submit the form to record the results.

Learn more: Results Tracking Add-On

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