Manage Additional Contacts More Efficiently with Teachworks

Manage Additional Contacts More Efficiently with Teachworks

Life is complicated and sometimes there are scenarios where you need to keep multiple people in the loop about a student’s progress and schedule. Whether it is a divorce, or a school teacher needing to keep a close eye on a specific student, it’s important to find tutor management software that can accommodate just about any scenario.

This article will look at a few different ways that you can easily keep additional contacts informed about students in Teachworks. It will explore the following features in more detail:

  1. Adding an additional email address to a family profile
  2. Adding a contact to a family
  3. Adding a contact to a student

1. Additional Email on Family Profiles

When adding a family profile to Teachworks, there are two email fields that you can complete:

Email: This is the primary email address and also the email address that is used if a user account is enabled for the family. Depending on your settings, all emails will be sent to this email address (this includes new invoices, lesson reminders, lesson notes etc).

Additional Email: This email address will receive the same email notifications as the primary email address. The feature is useful in situations where both parents/guardians are responsible for billing. It’s also useful if both parents/guardians want to receive lesson notes, lesson reminders and other notifications.

2. Family Contacts

If you would like to create a separate contact record for a parent, guardian or other person related to a family, you can add a family contact. You can easily enable a user account for the contact and manage notification preferences separately. Contact accounts have access to the same features as families with the exception of billing-related features.

You may want to add a family contact in the following situations:

  1. If you want to enable multiple user accounts for parents, guardians or other people related to the family.
  2. If you would like limit billing related information to the person listed on the primary family profile
  3. If parents/guardians need to receive different types of notifications. For example, if you would like to send billing emails to the family and lesson reminders and notes to the additional contact, you can tweak these settings for each user separately.
  4. If you would like to capture detailed information about each parent/guardian separately.

Add a family contact by following these easy steps: Adding a contact to a family

3. Student Contacts

Our Student Contacts Add-On is an optional feature that allows you to easily assign multiple students from different families to a single contact. If you would like to keep a school teacher or counsellor informed about specific students, this feature is a great solution.

A student contact differs from a family contact in the following ways:

  • Student contacts can be assigned to multiple students from different families, while a family contact can only be assigned to a single family.
  • A student contact can be assigned to specific students within a family, while a family contact will have access to all students in their assigned family.
  • It isn’t possible to send lesson reminder emails to student contact.

Add a student contact by following these easy steps: Student Contacts Add-On

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