Effective Music Studio Management: 6 Tips To Find More Customers Online

Your music studio management plan of action should definitely include effective strategies to attract more students. The internet provides students with a convenient way to find good music schools and studios in their area. They can read reviews, learn more about services and sign up for a lesson within minutes. Are you currently using this great tool to its full potential? Below are 6 tips to help you find more customers online.

1. Make sure your website is up to scratch

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need an eye-catching website that showcases all the reasons why prospective students should look no further than your music school or studio. Many companies are hesitant to take this step because the task of finding a good web developer seems daunting and costly. While this can certainly be the case, there are a number of free, user-friendly tools that require no coding knowledge.

In addition to building a website, you can also sign up for music teacher management software that offers several features that can be added to your website. These features can help to add functionality to your website and improve user experience significantly.

Teachworks offers easy music studio management software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We also provide our clients with free access to over 40 integrations & add-ons. Many of our features can be integrated directly with your website and you can customize the appearance of each feature in your Teachworks account, visually.

  • Website Booking Plugin – this feature lets you add a booking button to your website to allow students to join open classes, book lessons, or join courses. Every action taken by the prospective customer is automatically recorded in your Teachworks account.
  • Custom Forms – this feature lets you create custom forms for easy enrollment. The information entered by a prospective customer is used to automatically create a profile for them in your Teachworks account.
  • Website Profiles Add-On – this feature lets you display key information about each of your teachers on your website. This includes their name, area, instruments they specialize in, a photo and a bio.
  • Remote Login Add-On – This feature allows you to add a login form directly to your website. Employees and customers can use the form to login to their Teachworks account and manage their schedules and other information.

2. Be Social

Many people, including prospective customers, use social media platforms to engage with brands and to learn more about their services. For this reason, it’s definitely worth the effort to have a presence on social media.

There are several social media platforms out there, but it isn’t necessary to be present on all of them. Choose one or two of the main platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter) to focus your efforts on.

You can also use these platforms to run targeted ads to reach more prospective music students and/or their parents.

3. Register for Google My Business

If your music school or studio has a physical address, you may want to consider signing up for a Google My Business listing. This free Google service allows you to easily reach local users that search for you or the services you offer.

Did you know that businesses that verify their information through Google My Business are twice as likely to be considered reputable by customers? [Source]. Take advantage of this service and reach relevant people!

4. Get Blogging

Adding a blog to your music school or studio’s website is a great strategy. By adding unique content on a regular basis, you can improve search engine rankings, reach more students and ultimately get more students to sign up for your services. In addition, you can share relevant, useful information that can help to position you as an industry leader.

Managing a blog might sound like a challenging task, but don’t underestimate the wealth of knowledge you have to share. Who knows more about your subject than you do? Jot down interesting and useful information, include some relevant keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, and you’re all set!

When it comes to writing good content, balance is essential. Avoid focussing on self promotion too much and come up with topics that will add value to the lives of your readers. Here are some tips:

  • Think about questions that pop up frequently from students and parents and write articles that tackle these topics
  • Write about how your services can help students reach their musical goals
  • Showcase your employees and celebrate their achievements
  • Share great resources that students can use to further enhance their skills
  • Write about local music events that students may be interested in
  • Share any tips or tricks that you’ve picked up over the years

5. Explore Email Marketing

Does your music studio’s current marketing management plan include email marketing? Email marketing can be very effective for keeping your music studio or school top of mind.

Teachworks offers several email features that can help you manage your email marketing efforts more efficiently. This includes:

  1. An Email Add-On for quick informational emails
  2. A MailChimp Integration that allows you to easily sync your Teachworks contacts to lists in MailChimp. You can use MailChimp’s easy drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful email marketing campaigns in minutes. In addition, you can track clicks and open rates for useful insights.

6. Utilize free classifieds & directories

Websites like Craigslist or Kijiji are great for reaching local students. These websites offer a convenient way for students to find music teachers in their area. If you go this route, be sure to write captivating ads that will attract attention from prospective students:

  • Include a description of the classes or courses you offer
  • Indicate your target market (for example elementary school students looking for piano teachers)
  • An idea of the costs involved as well as the typical duration of the lessons
  • Add up-to-date contact information to allow students to easily reach out if they are interested

Music teacher directories are similar to online classifieds, but they are targeted specifically to music students. Do a quick Google search to identify the top directories in your area. Always be cautious when signing up for online services, if upfront payment is required, try to find reviews or more information about the service before you commit.

Teachworks offers a myriad of features that you can use along with your music studio management plan of action to reach more students, manage enrollments, improve communication and leave a lasting impression. If you’re looking for music teacher management software that can grow with your business, why not take advantage of our free 3-week trial to evaluate Teachworks for your music school or studio?

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