Everything You Need To Know About Group Lessons


At Teachworks we understand that your teaching business is unique, which is why we’ve carefully developed flexible scheduling solutions. Scheduling is an integral part of any teaching business, so being able to manage it efficiently is essential.

This article will explore Group Lessons in more detail and will focus on the following:

  • How to schedule group lessons in Teachworks
  • How lesson costs and wages are calculated for group lessons
  • Our Student Groups Add-On
  • A special discount for companies that schedule many group lessons

How to schedule group lessons in Teachworks

To get started, you can click on a time slot in any of the calendars, or you can go to the Calendar tab and choose the “Add Lessons” option.

In the Students field on the “Schedule Lessons” form, you can click to choose a student from the list, or you can begin typing the student’s name (this will bring up any matching results). To add additional students to the lesson, simply repeat the process.

Scheduling Group Lessons

How lesson costs and wages are calculated for group lessons

Lesson Costs

Lesson costs are determined for each student separately using the billing settings on their profile.

If a student’s billing method is set to “Use Service List Price” for example, the service assigned to the lesson will determine their fees. If a lesson cost is captured directly on their profile, this will be used to calculate their lesson fees.

Lesson Wages

The wage of the assigned teacher is determined by the wage settings on their profile. If their wage method is set to “Use Service List Wage”, the service list will be used to determine the wage for the lesson. If their wage is set directly on their profile, the specified wage will be assigned to the lesson.

The wage will not increase or reduce as students are added or removed from the lesson.

Our Student Groups Add-On

If you schedule regular group lessons with the same students, our Student Groups Add-On is a great time-saver. This add-on allows you to create predefined student groups that can be added to lessons in a fraction of the time.

Step 1: Create a new group

Where to find the option: Account & Settings > Integrations & Add-Ons > Student Groups > Manage Groups > Add Student Group

Step 2: Select the student group when scheduling a lesson

Once you’ve enabled the add-on and created a student group(s), you can click the “Add students from group” link that appears below the Students field on the Schedule Lessons form to quickly add student groups to the lesson.

A special discount for companies that schedule many group lessons

We’ve added a special discount for companies that schedule lessons with an average of more than 3 students per lesson. This helps to ensure fair and consistent pricing for all of our clients.

Learn more: Special Discount For Group Classes


Can I add hourly billed students and package students to the same group lesson?

You can definitely add a mix of students to a group lesson. It’s important however to ensure that the service assigned to the lesson matches the package student’s package. This will ensure that their package balance is reduced accordingly.

Can a student join or leave a repeating group lesson part way through?

Absolutely, if the student is joining the class on a different date than the other students, or if a student’s last lesson occurs before the series is done, you can follow these steps:

Scenario: Group lessons are scheduled every Friday from October 1 – December 30. A new student is joining on October 25 and will complete their last lesson on December 15.

  1. Go to the calendar and select the relevant group lesson on October 25
  2. Add the student in the “Students” field
  3. Click “Apply to Current & Future Lessons” and submit the form
  4. Edit the lesson that occurs after the last lesson the student will be attending, remove them from the “Students” field and click the “Apply to Current & Future Lessons” option. You need to make sure that you select the lesson after the student’s last lesson since you would still want to include them in that class.

Can I set a wage based on the number of students in the lesson?

A good way to manage this is to create different services for different scenarios. For example, you could add a service called “Science Tutoring – 3 Students” and another called “Science Tutoring – 5 Students” etc. When scheduling the lesson, you can select the appropriate service to set the correct wage.

Another option is to manually update the wage assigned to a lesson. This can be done on the employee’s hours and earnings page, or on the Complete Lesson Form. If the lesson is part of a repeating series, you may want to consider segregating the lesson to ensure that future changes to the series will not affect the change. More information: Segregating Lessons.

Coordinating schedules with multiple teachers, students, locations and services can be a challenge, but Teachworks offers tons of time-saving features that can help you simplify scheduling. Learn more about our main scheduling features here: Complex Scheduling Simplified

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