Special Discount For Group Classes

Group Lessons

Do you schedule numerous group classes or lessons on a monthly basis? We’ve added a special discount for companies that schedule lessons with an average of more than 3 students per lesson. This helps to ensure fair and consistent pricing for all of our customers.

1. Steps to follow to get the discount

New Pricing Users

If you’re using our new pricing, no action is required. The special discount will be applied to your future invoices automatically. If you’ve signed up for Teachworks after July 17, 2017 you will already be on this pricing model. If you’re not sure, you can go to the Subscriptions page in your Teachworks account. If you can see a Starter, Growth and Premium plan to choose from, you’re on our new pricing.

Legacy Pricing Users

If you’re on our legacy pricing, there are some steps that you’ll need to complete before you can take advantage of the special discount. The discount is only available for companies on our new pricing, so you’ll need to switch to this pricing model first.

Before you switch, we recommend first comparing your current pricing plan to the new pricing plans to see which option would be the best for your business needs going forward. If you’re ready to switch, you can email us at support@teachworks.com and we’ll handle the rest.

2. How the discount is calculated

The method below is used to calculate your special discount for the month:

  • First the average number of students per lesson is calculated
  • Next, the percentage of this total that is above 3 is calculated
  • The percentage is then applied to the lesson fee

Finally, a 50% discount is applied to this amount


If a company averages 10 students per lesson and they charge students $40 per lesson, they can expect a discount of around $14. This is calculated as follows:

  • Average students per lesson: 10
  • Percentage of this total that is above 3: 70%
  • Percentage applied to the lesson fee: 70% of $40 = $28
  • 50% discount on this amount: 50% of $28 = $14

3. Viewing a Discount Estimate

There are two ways to get an estimate of your savings. You can either use the plan calculator on our pricing page to get a rough estimate of what you would save in a typically month, or you can view it in your account.

Pricing Page: 

  • Add the number of students that you teach each month
  • Add the number of lessons per student per month
  • Add the average number of students included in these lessons

In Your Teachworks Account:

You can go to Account & Settings > Subscription to view your estimated discount for the month. This will appear in the “Next Bill Preview” section (Group Lesson Discount).

Learn more on our Knowledge Base: Discount for Group Classes/Lessons

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