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Good tutors will definitely add value to your business, but great tutors will take it to the next level. Your education business will thrive if you make smart hiring choices, so take the time to properly vet your candidates. Finding top tutors comes with some challenges, especially if competition is high, but here are a few strategies you can follow to attract the best in the business.

1. Let them find you

Job seekers usually start their job search online, so you may want to spend time on building a strong online presence. Keep adding content to your website and social media pages to improve your search engine rankings and to position yourself as an industry leader.

In addition, use the online platforms at your disposal to make your business stand out. Show off its best qualities and illustrate to prospective employees why they can’t go wrong working for you.

Here are some general rules that you can follow to achieve this:

  • Show off the company culture

Provide prospective tutors with a “behind the scenes” view of your office by posting photos, videos and stories on a regular basis. A good company culture is an important consideration for any job seeker.  

  • Let others do the bragging for you

Self promotion will get you nowhere – let others do the bragging for you. Ask your happiest customers to write reviews about their experiences with your services and share these on your website and social media pages.

Prospective employees will not want their name tied to a company with unhappy customers.

  • Show that you care about your employees

Prospective employees are more likely to apply at a company that will care about them both professionally and personally. Show that you care about your employees by celebrating them online. If someone achieved a personal milestone or got a positive review from a customer for example, you could share this on social media or on a blog post to show others that you value your employees.

  • Show that you care about your customers

Good tutors are passionate about teaching and will go above and beyond to ensure that each client enjoys an exceptional experience. Show them that your goals are aligned.

  • Utilize job portals

Job seekers will likely use popular job portals in their area to find tutoring jobs. Use this to your advantage by adding a captivating job post.


2. Make their lives easier with great tools

A good way to attract great tutors is to provide them with access to resources that will simplify and automate their workload. Providing them with access to great tutor management software will allow them to spend less time on admin and more time on shaping young minds. 

Teachworks was designed with the busy teacher in mind and offers a mobile-friendly design to allow teachers to work efficiently even on the go. Here are some of the main features teachers can access anytime, anywhere:

  • Organized Dashboard

The teacher dashboard is customizable and teachers can choose the amount of detail they want to see. The items can be arranged in a way that will allow them to maximize efficiency. Teachers can add the following widgets to their dashboards:

Upcoming Lessons

Uncompleted Lessons

Upcoming Tasks (Task Add-On required)

Overdue Tasks (Task Add-On required)

Profile Notes (Note & Communication Add-On required)

New Features

  • User-friendly tutor calendar system

The Teachworks calendar allows teachers to easily toggle between Day, Week and Month Views. A simple glance at the color-coded calendar will reveal their upcoming lessons, making it really easy for them to plan their day.

If they prefer a different calendar program (such as Apple Calendar or Outlook) they can use our Calendar Feeds Add-On to subscribe to calendar events in Teachworks.

  • Simplified Communication

Good communication is vital for any business, which is why Teachworks offers a number of features to simplify this process. This includes:

Internal Lesson Notes – this feature allows teachers to share internal notes related to specific lessons.

Shared Lesson Notes – this feature enables teachers to write detailed notes that can be sent to students and parents.

Profile Notes – this feature allows teachers to add more general internal notes directly to student profiles.

Profile Attachments – this feature allows teacher to attach lengthy notes or other files to student profiles and can be shared with students, parents and other employees with ease.

Good communication can help new teachers build lasting relationships with their customers and peers, so it’s definitely an appealing feature for a prospective employee.

  • Automatically Track Hours & Payments

Teachworks makes it very easy for teachers to keep track of their hours. As soon as they schedule lessons, their hours and earnings are automatically calculated. They don’t have to spend their time on completing timesheets since Teachworks does this for them automatically.

If there are any issues with their payments, they can easily see what went wrong by looking at their personal work hours and payments in their account.


3. Travel back in time

Companies go through multiple stages of change and you may not be in the same position you were a year ago. You may have a bigger budget or more service offerings than before. Candidates that were unsuccessful in the past might be great hiring choices now. You may have turned them down because their salary expectations were too high or their knowledge and experience were in subjects that you didn’t offer at the time. Whatever the reason, if you can accommodate them now, it’s worth the effort to reassess their resumes.


4. Offer referral incentives

Get others to do the searching for you by offering referral incentives. Offering money, vouchers or free products and services will encourage people to take action and find great candidates for you. Include information in your email signature, make a post on your website and advertise on your social media pages to get the word out.


5. Provide development opportunities

Great tutors know that you’re never done learning and will want to develop their skills and fine tune their teaching methods. An effective way to attract tutors is to offer development opportunities in the form of training or even financial support for further studies. Depending on the size of your business, you can also offer career advancement opportunities by creating senior positions for ambitious tutors.


Skilled tutors with a passion for teaching will benefit your business significantly and will help to ensure repeat business. They will build lasting relationships with your customers and really help to make a difference in students’ lives. By positioning yourself as an industry leader, showing off your company culture and providing your employees with tools that will streamline their work, you’ll attract great tutors in no time.

Don’t forget to make it easy for prospective tutors to submit their resume and information. You can use our Custom Enrollment Forms add-on to speed up this process.

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