Website Profiles Add-On And Other New Updates!

Teachworks Updates

The year is flying by and we can’t believe the summer vacation is almost here! Thanks to everyone that took the time to submit feature requests or email us with feature ideas. Your feedback allows us to improve the Teachworks experience for everyone.

Here’s a quick update of what we’ve been working on the past couple of weeks.

1. Website Profiles Add-On

This brand new feature allows you to add a line of code to your website to display profiles for teachers and staff using the data captured on their Teachworks profiles. You can choose to display profiles in a grid format or in a directory format and you can customize the name tag/button colors to match your brand and website.

Website Profiles Add-On

More information here: Website Profiles Add-On

2. Repertoire Tracker Table: Link To Performances

The “Performance” column in the Repertoire Tracker table now includes a link to the associated performances.

3. Payment Capturing: New Button Text

We’ve changed the button text on the payment form that appears on invoices from “Save” to “Save Payment” to improve user experience a bit. The new button text is more descriptive and will help to reduce accidental errors.

4. New Currency: Algerian Dinar

We’ve added the Algerian Dinar to our list of supported currencies. To select this currency, go to Account & Settings > Account Settings > Localization Settings and select the currency from the list.

5. Invoice Autopilot: Defaults

The “Skip Zero” and “Skip Blank” options are now selected by default when you create a new Invoice Schedule. This helps to reduce the likelihood of invoices with zero balances or invoices with no lessons being created accidentally.

6. Updated Privacy Policy

We’ve recently updated our Privacy Policy for the new GDPR regulations. You can view our Privacy Policy for more information about how we collect your information, how we use your information, how we share your information, your rights and choices with respect to your information, data retention and data security.

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