Streamlined Attendance Taking and Other New Updates!

streamlined attendance taking

Thanks for all the feedback and feature suggestions! Below is a list of our latest updates, but you can also visit the Change Log in your Teachworks account for instant updates.

1. Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-on

We’ve added a new add-on to the list! Our Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On lets you customize and add enhancements to the Lesson Completion form to improve efficiency. You can hide the Lesson Notes fields to shorten the form and streamline attendance taking (this option is great for companies that don’t need to add lesson notes).

The add-on includes an option to bulk update the attendance status for multiple students in a lesson.

Find more information in our Knowledge Base: Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On

2. API Updates

API Phase 2

The second phase of our API is now available. Create and update customer and student endpoints are now included.

Sandbox Account

We’ve added a sandbox account option for developers to test their code for API integrations. To create a sandbox account for testing your API integration before connecting to your company’s live account, go to Integrations & Add-Ons -> API -> Manage -> Create Sandbox Account.

More information: Teachworks API

3. New Supported Currencies

  • We’ve added the Macau Pataca to our list of supported currencies.
  • We’ve added the Swedish Krona to our list of supported currencies.

4. QuickBooks Online Updates

Syncing Customer Memos

We’ve added the option for including Invoice Instructions in the Customer Memo field on invoices synced to QuickBooks.

Bug Fix 

We’ve also fixed a bug that prevented invoices from being synced to QuickBooks when the Invoice Instructions option was enabled, but an invoice had no instructions entered.

5. Schedule Confirmation Add-On: Extended Time Frame

We’ve extended the schedule confirmation period for up to 6-months.

6. Unavailability Pop-Up

For companies that have Monday set as the first day of the week, the pop-up for unavailability didn’t appear when clicking on a Sunday time slot. This was because the pop-up appeared towards the right – so it wasn’t visible. We’ve adjusted the position of the pop-up to make it visible in this scenario.

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