Managing Your Tutoring Calendar Effectively

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A very important aspect of effectively managing your tutoring business is scheduling lessons efficiently and maintaining an organized calendar. Given there are so many variables to keep in mind when scheduling lessons, managing your calendar can become one of your most stressful and time-consuming tasks.

Teachworks has many powerful features that can help you manage your calendar effectively and accurately, these features have been designed with feedback from hundreds of educators. In this post, we will look at some of the most popular calendar features that can help you save time and manage your business efficiently.

Calendar Views

When scheduling lessons, you will be comparing different variables such as teacher availability, location availability, student preferences and duration of the lesson requested. It is important to have different views of the calendar readily available so that you can find the information when you need it. Teachworks has three main different types of calendar views: Main Calendar, Locations Calendar, and Teacher Calendar.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the calendar views.

Main Calendar:  

All the information regarding lessons, teachers, locations and type of service is included in the “Main Calendar”. This view provides the most information as it compiles all the lessons scheduled for your tutoring business. The filters on the right-hand side of the screen can help you find the information you need fast and efficiently. If you need to find a lesson for a particular service, employee, location, family or student, you can quickly apply filters that will allow you to view all the lessons under that filter.

The main calendar can be further divided into “Monthly”, “Weekly”, and “Daily” views as follows:

Monthly View:

Tutoring Calendar
Weekly View:

Weekly Calendar View

Day View:

Day Tutoring Calendar View

Locations Calendar:

If you offer lessons at various locations or use different rooms within your tutoring facility as “Different Locations”, you will need to view lessons scheduled by location. This calendar offers a clear view of each of the lessons scheduled per location.

For example, if you quickly need to find an available location to schedule a lesson, you can go to the “Locations Calendar” and find an available room fast and efficiently.

Tutoring Locations Calendar

Teacher Calendar:

The teacher calendar shows all your active teachers and the lessons they have scheduled for the day/week. In the day view, you will be able to quickly see teacher availability and unavailability. The “Unavailable” times will be greyed out – providing you with a quick snapshot of all the times that you can schedule lessons for a particular teacher.  

Teacher Turoting Calendar

Time-saving features for all calendar views:

Drag & Drop

If you need to change the time or date of a lesson, you can simply select the lesson and “Drag & Drop” to a new time or date. It is that easy! … After the lesson has been dragged to the new time, a pop up will confirm that this is the action you wish to take.

Dragging End Time

If you need to change the end time of a lesson to make the lesson shorter or longer you can simply click on the two lines at the end of the lesson and drag to a longer or shorter time. A pop up will ask you to confirm that you wish to change the duration of the lesson.

Adding lessons directly to the calendar

To add a new lesson, you can click on the date and time you wish to add the lesson to, by dragging your cursor you can choose the duration of the lesson directly on the calendar. A pop up will confirm you wish to add a new lesson and bring you to the “Add Lessons Form” where the time and date selected will automatically have been generated.

Jumping to a different date

Using the “Date Picker” at the top left of the calendar, or the “Monthly Picker” on the right-hand side. You can quickly jump to a different date on the calendar to see the lessons scheduled for that date.

Color Coding

Color coding lessons is a fun way to maintain your calendar organized. This is also possible with the Teachworks calendar and you can color code based on Student, Teacher or Location to help you find lessons for a particular teacher or student faster.

Scheduling Lessons

There are several methods you can use to schedule lessons. You can use the “Add Lessons” form in the calendar tab, or you can schedule directly from the calendar by clicking on the date and time you wish to schedule. All these methods will bring you to the “Add Lessons Form” where you can add all the details for this lesson such as the service, duration, teacher, and location.

Other time-saving features include the ability to “Copy” and “Repeat” lessons, so you don’t have to input all the details again. Teachworks also includes the ability to “Check Conflicts” and this feature is particularly useful to prevent clerical errors, double bookings, and other scheduling misunderstandings. The system will check that the teacher selected is available for the lesson by checking the teacher’s availability and other scheduled lessons. It will also check to make sure that there are no location conflicts.

Teachworks handles thousands of lessons scheduled by education businesses around the world on a daily basis. Our various efficiency tools make Teachworks a competitive alternative by allowing education businesses of all sizes to schedule and manage their calendars in an efficient and reliable manner. Whether you schedule a couple lessons per day or hundreds of lessons, the features included in Teachworks will save you hours of work and help you maintain your records organized.

Recording Lesson Attendance

Recording lesson attendance can also be a time-consuming task, however, Teachworks has many features that will help you streamline this process. For example, when completing individual lessons, you can quickly change the status of the lesson and add all the pertaining details and click on “Submit and Next” which will automatically bring you to the next lesson to be completed. This allows you to complete lessons more efficiently instead of going back to the calendar and finding the next lesson to complete.

In Teachworks, it is also possible to give your teachers the ability to complete lessons. You can do this through employee portals where you can customize their permissions. By delegating this task to your teachers you can reduce your own workload.

Another great option that sets Teachworks apart from competitors is the ability to enhance the “Lesson Completion Form” this add-on gives you the ability to complete group lessons faster by allowing you to set the status for multiple students at once. This add-on is particularly useful for education companies that have large group lessons, as it allows you to record attendance faster by allowing you change the status of a lesson for all students at once.

Status Calendar

Seamless Data Sharing

The Teachworks calendar is a powerful tool that can help you run your business smoothly. The seamless data sharing between the calendar and other aspects of your business is one of the many features that make Teachworks a competitive alternative for managing your tutoring business. 

It also saves you hours of work by automatically retrieving and sharing data amongst different tasks in your business. For example, when lessons are scheduled those same records are also used to create invoices and calculate tutor earnings, so you don’t have to do this work manually. This seamless data sharing saves time and reduces clerical errors significantly by restricting the need for continuous data entry.We have covered some of the most important time-saving and automation features to manage your tutoring calendar efficiently. Start a free trial today to compare Teachworks’ Calendar Features to other competitors.

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