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The calendar is a crucial part of a tutoring business, so is tutor and student schedule management. When scheduling classes, managing teacher and student availability, identifying schedule conflicts. How do you avoid errors and manage your tutoring business schedule more efficiently? Read on:

Avoiding Scheduling Challenges

When a customer needs to schedule a class, they most likely expect an answer immediately. However, when you are managing more than one location, different teachers, and several students, it becomes challenging to provide them with a quick answer. Here are some tips for better schedule management:

1 – Know your teachers

The first step in being able to accurately manage your schedule is to know the people you are scheduling. Keep a file with your employees contact information, their availability, and their expertise. You can also keep a separate file for your student’s information. These files will provide you with quick access to the information when you need it.

2 – Make sure everyone is on the same page 

The details of a scheduled lesson should always be available. Great communication with your teachers and students not only improves customer experience but also your bottom line. Take a look at the tools you are currently using to manage your schedule. There might be ways to automate notifications to be sent when changes to an entry have been made.

3 – Spotting scheduling conflicts 

Before scheduling an appointment with a customer, look at the potential conflicts that may arise. Make sure you didn’t double book a teacher or a room, as this is crucial to maintaining your customers and employees happy . Some scheduling applications will let you set up automatic warnings when there is a conflict in your schedule, so you do not have to look up everyone’s availability manually.

As your business takes off, you will find it significantly more challenging to manage the schedule of all your teachers and matching them to students. If you notice that scheduling conflicts are becoming an issue and opportunities are falling through the cracks it might be time to consider a business management software. A great business management software maintains all your data, calendars, teacher and student profiles all in one place, allowing you to access all the information from anywhere. A management software will help you reduce clerical errors and automate your business helping you achieve your ultimate goal – grow your business!

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