High Availability and Other New Updates!

High Availability and Other New Updates

Here are our latest improvements and features!

1. “High-Availability” Environment

We created a “High-Availability” environment with 2 application servers in different Availability Zones. In the event of a problem in one of Amazon’s Availability Zones, a secondary server in a different zone can take over to minimize disruption to Teachworks. 

2. Website Booking Plugin: Service Validation

We’ve added a validation when removing or archiving a service that’s used by the Website Booking Plugin to ensure your booking options don’t suddenly disappear from the plugin without you knowing about it!

3. Recent Lesson Count on Student Profiles

We’ve updated the number of recent lessons that display on student profiles from 8 to 10, making it much easier for substitute teachers or new teachers to quickly catch up on a student’s progress.

4. Custom Status on Student Profiles

Upcoming and recent lessons on student profiles now display the assigned custom status if you’re using our Custom Lesson Statuses Add-On.

5. Deselect Salutation

We’ve made it possible to deselect the salutation on customer profiles if you no longer wish to use it.

6. Hours Column

We’ve added an “Hours” column to the Excel download for Lessons and Other Events to allow you to see the duration of the event at a glance.

7. Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a filtering issue with the notification logs. Previously if the notification type was added to the search bar, no results were rendered.
  • We fixed bug with the Note & Communication Logs Add-On. Notes created by staff accounts showed that they were created by the Administrator.

If you have any feature suggestions that will improve Teachworks, please let us know on our Feature Suggestions forum!

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