Flexible Billing: The Flat Fee Billing Method

flat fee billing

When choosing teaching management software for your business, it’s best to opt for a software solution that provides some flexibility when it comes to billing your clients. Your clients might have different requirements and having software ready that can handle just about any billing situation will allow you to provide them with different payment options to match their needs. 

Providing your clients with a range of billing options will show them that you are willing to go the extra mile to cater for their needs and as a result they will be more likely to provide you with repeat business and recommend you to their friends.

Teachworks offers a number of billing options that will help you to streamline and simplify the billing process. This article will look at the Flat Fee Billing method in some more detail.

1. When to use the flat fee billing method?

If you charge your clients a set amount regardless  of how many lessons are taken over a period of time, the flat fee billing method is definitely a great option.

2. How does it work?

This billing method allows you to charge your clients a set fee for an undefined period of time – it can be per term, per month or even per year, depending on your preferences. When a client is charged using this method, their lesson costs are automatically set to $0 when a lesson is scheduled. The client is not paying for individual lessons, but rather a flat fee for an undefined number of lessons.

3. How to start using this billing method in Teachworks:

The first step is to change the billing method on the student’s profile to “Flat Fee”.

flat fee

You can then create an invoice for the client by selecting the “Add Charge” option.


4. Can billing be automated?

Absolutely! You can create an invoice autopilot schedule with the “Add Charge” option to automatically bill your clients a flat fee.

If your clients pay different flat fees, you can group them based on their payment characteristics. For each group, you can create an invoice autopilot schedule.

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