Last Lesson Report and other new updates!

teachworks updates

A big thank you for all the great feedback and feature suggestions! Your input allows us to expand and improve Teachworks. Here’s what we’ve been working on recently: 

1. New Report: Last Lesson Report

We’ve added a “Last Lesson Report” to our reporting section. A “days passed” column is included to make it very easy to spot inactivity up to a selected date. 

last lesson report


2. Reply to Teachers for Lesson Reminders

We’ve added the option for clients to reply directly to teachers for lesson reminders. To enable this feature, you can go to your Account Settings, scroll down to “Notification Settings” and then select the “reply to teacher for reminders” option. The notification will come from the company email address (or the specified email address), but as soon as a client hits “reply” on their email, the teacher’s email address will be pre-filled in the “to” field.

reply to teacher


3. Display Requested Lessons as Unavailable to Other Clients

Do you use the Lesson Requests Add-on? You can now show the timeslot for a requested lesson as unavailable to other clients immediate after a request has been submitted. To enable this option, go to your Integrations & Add-ons page and click on “Manage” under the Lesson Requests Add-On. You can set the “Show Requested Timeslot Unavailable” to either “Immediately” or “After Accepted”.



4. “Attended, Missed” Option on Invoices

We’ve added an “Attended, Missed” option for adding lessons to invoices.


5. Increased Profile Attachment Limit to 15mb

You can now attach files of up to 15mb to client and employee profiles if you’re using our Profile Attachments Add-On.


6. Lesson Summaries Report: Separate First and Last Name Columns

We’ve changed the order of names in the Lesson Summaries Report and created separate columns for the first and last name when exporting the report to Excel/CSV.


7. New Currency: Guatemalan Quetzal

We’ve added the Guatemalan Quetzal to our list of supported currencies.


8. Stay Logged in for 4 Weeks

Do you use the “Remember Me” feature when logging in to Teachworks? We’ve extended the devise “Remember Me” time to 4 weeks.

remember me


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