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Teachworks offers modular design, allowing you to “build” your account by only enabling the features that are important to your business. At the moment we have more than 50 Integrations & Add-Ons available and the list is always expanding. 

To enable an Integration or Add-On, you can go to “Account & Settings” in your Teachworks account and then click on “Integrations & Add-Ons”. On this page, you’ll be able to enable, disable and configure your preferred integrations and add-ons.


1. Stripe

The Stripe Integration streamlines the payment process by allowing you to add a “Pay Online” button on your invoices. Your clients can pay their invoices right from their mailbox or Teachworks accounts. With this integration enabled, payments are automatically captured in Teachworks and invoices are instantly marked as “paid”.

The integration also allows you to charge credit cards on behalf of your customers. You can use our Bulk Payments feature to speed up the process even more.

2. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the world’s leading online accounting system. With this integration enabled, you can effortlessly sync customers, invoices, credit notes, services and payments to QuickBooks Online directly from Teachworks.

There is no re-entry of data, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

3. Calendar Feeds

Do you use Google Calendar or Apple Calendar to stay organized and on top of your schedule? With our Calendar Feeds add-on, you can subscribe to Teachworks calendar events in your preferred email program, making it really easy to see upcoming lessons and other events on the go.

4. Microsoft Excel

The Excel Integration allows you to download Teachworks records (such as reports, customer lists, employee lists, invoices and payments) to Excel, or your preferred spreadsheet program for further data analysis and manipulation.

5. MailChimp

Do you use MailChimp to create beautiful email marketing campaigns? Our MailChimp integration allows you to sync families, students and employees to your MailChimp lists. Reach the right people at the right time and use MailChimp’s built in analytics to identify ways to further enhance your email marketing efforts.


6. Website Booking Plugin

The Website Booking Plugin allows you to embed a booking button directly on your website. Existing students and new students can click on the button to “Book a Lesson” or “Join a Class”. The booking button is customizable, making it easy to maintain design consistency. 

7. SMS Reminders

Looking for a way to remind your clients of their upcoming lessons instantly? With our SMS Reminders add-on you can send lesson reminders via text message to your clients. The option to send text messages can be set on each individual client/teacher’s profile.

8. Join Open Classes

With this add-on you can schedule open classes and allow students to join them directly from their Teachworks accounts. You can set a student limit to manage class sizes easily and efficiently.

9. Lesson Requests

The Lesson Requests add-on allows clients to login to Teachworks and request lessons. They can view openings in the tutor schedule and then request lessons accordingly. These requests can be accepted, edited, or declined with ease.

10. Custom Enrollment Forms

The Custom Enrollment Forms add-on allows you to create custom enrollment/application forms for families, independent students and employees. New profiles are automatically created in Teachworks based on the information entered by the prospective client or employee.

You can expand the form by adding custom profile fields to the form and you can even collect credit card details upfront if you use our Stripe Integration.

11. Invoice Autopilot

This add-on allows you to automate invoicing and comes with a range of customizable settings. If you prefer to review invoices before they are available to customers, you can set the status to “saved” and approve them in bulk later on.

12. Remote Login

Give your clients the option to login to their Teachworks account directly from your website with our Remote Login add-on. You can customize the login button color, button text color and link color to keep branding consistent.

13. Schedule Confirmation Emails

With this add-on you can send your clients a snapshot of their upcoming lessons. Clients can notify you if there are any problems with their upcoming lessons and lessons can be rescheduled in advance, opening up a time slot for another student.

14. Send Email

Touch base with clients and employees through email directly from your Teachworks account. Recipients are grouped, making it easy to email all employees or clients at once. You can also select individual employees and clients or multiple recipients at once. Create eye catching emails by using colour and other formatting options.

15. Results Tracking

Effortlessly track student performance over time with our Results Tracking add-on. Results are graphed, making it possible to identify trends and identify problem areas at a glance.

16. Custom Profile Fields

Are client and employee profiles feeling a bit limited? Expand them by adding custom profile fields. Choose from a range of input types including radio buttons, select menus, checkboxes and text areas.

17. Profile Attachments

Attach files of up to 15mb to family, student ,and employee profiles. Permissions can be set when the file is being uploaded and can be set to “hidden”, “editable” or “readable” for clients and tutors.

18. Task Manager

Share the workload with other employees by assigning tasks. When adding a new task, you can select a single employee(s) or all employees at once. On the New Task form you can add a due date, priority status and notes. You can also send an email to all selected employees to notify them of the new task.

You can change the status of a task to “Assigned”, “In-Progress”, “Completed” or “Uncompleted” and filter tasks based on these statuses.

19. Client Follow Up

With the Follow Up add-on, you can add a follow-up date and note to client profiles. Follow ups can be viewed in family or student lists and can be sorted by clicking on the “Follow Up” column title.

20. Calendar Lock

Avoid unwanted modifications to lessons by enabling the Calendar Lock add-on. You can set a fixed lock date, or a trailing date that will lock the calendar relative to the current date.

21. Custom Lesson Statuses

The Custom Lesson Statuses add-on allows you to create descriptive lesson status names to help teachers select the appropriate lesson status when scheduling lessons, thereby keeping more detailed attendance records.

22. Package Balance Alerts

Keep better track of package balances with this handy add-on. When package balances fall below a specified level, a notification is sent to the company email address and/or the client.

23. Lending Library

Keep better track of lendable items (such as books and instruments) with the lending library add-on. The add-on also allows you to send automatic reminder emails when items are due.

24. LaTeX Lesson Notes

This add-on is great for tutoring companies that offer math lessons. It allows you to embed TeX or LaTeX in lesson notes fields to display math equations.

25. Communication Logs

This add-on allows you to attach notes directly to client profiles. These notes are for internal use only and can be accessed directly on student profiles. If you want to view profile notes for all students at once, you can click on the “profile notes” link in the sidebar on student and family list pages.

26. Cancellation Emails

Letting clients know about cancelled lessons can be an administrative nightmare if you’re managing a large tutoring company. Why not automate the process with our Cancellation Emails add-on. The email template is completely customizable, so you can add your personal touch and provide more information.

27. Custom Invoice Emails

This add-on allows you to save and manage multiple email templates to be used when sending invoices via email to your clients. You can add different templates for different scenarios (such as final reminders) and select the relevant template when sending invoices.

28. SMS Welcome

Welcome new clients and employees to your business with a personalized welcome text message.

29. Mileage Tracker

Are your teachers required to travel? This add-on adds a mileage field to the complete lesson form, allowing teachers to record their mileage for a lesson.

30. Vehicle Manager

This add-on was created specifically for driving schools. Create detailed records of your vehicles and assign them to lessons quickly and easily. With this add-on enabled, a dedicated vehicle calendar will be added to your calendar section.

31. Independent Student Conversion

If you’ve accidentally added students as Independent Students instead of Child Students that belong to a family, this add-on will make admin a whole lot easier! The add-on will allow you to convert an Independent student profile to a family profile – the newly created family profile will have all the billing information previously associated with the independent student profile.

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