New Features: Teacher Bio on Enrollment Forms and More!

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Thanks to every single one of our clients who take the time to add feature suggestions to our forum and who contact us if something is not working as it should. Your feedback is valuable to us and it helps us to continuously improve the Teachworks experience. Here are some of our latest updates, features and fixes: 

1. We’ve added a bio field to custom forms

Are you using our Custom Enrollment Forms Add-on to manage applications from new teachers? You can now include a “teacher bio” section to gather more information about prospective teachers right when they apply.

2. Easily hide services from invoices

It is now possible to hide the service column from invoices. To enable this setting, go to Account & Settings and scroll down to “Invoice Settings”. From here you can select the “hide” option for the service column.

3. Invoice Autopilot Table: We’ve added a customer count column

We’ve added a customer count column to the invoice autopilot table to make it easier to see how many customers have been added to each of your schedules.

4. Invoice Autopilot: Validation required

Previously it was possible to create invoice autopilot schedules without selecting a customer. We’ve added validation to the process to ensure that autopilot schedules are not accidentally created without a customer selected.

5. We’ve added a “Teacher” field to schedule confirmation lesson details

You can now include the name of the selected teacher(s) to schedule confirmation emails by adding the {TEACHER} merge tag in the template. To find the template, simply go to Integrations & Add-ons, scroll down to “Schedule Confirmation”, click on “Settings” and then start customizing.

6. Some clarity about embedding custom forms in an iFrame

We’ve added some clearer help text to the redirect feature of our custom enrollment forms. If you want to embed your form in an iFrame on your website, you may want to avoid using the “Redirect” feature. Instead, you can create a custom message or use the default message to be displayed after the form is submitted.

7. Repeating lessons by day of the month: Fixed

A bug existed that restricted users from creating repeat lessons by day of the month on the 30th and 31st. We’ve updated the code and this can now be done without a problem.

If you have any great ideas to improve Teachworks, please let us know on our feature suggestions forum. More votes on your feature will allow us to assign higher priority to the feature and we will then be able to start looking at ways to implement it sooner.

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