The Benefits of an Optimized Dashboard

optimized dashboard

If you’re using tutoring centre software to manage your tutoring business, looking for a software solution that offers a customizable dashboard is a good idea. A well organized dashboard can make a world of difference and can increase your efficiency significantly. The Teachworks dashboard is the first thing you see (depending on your settings) when you login to your account. You can see your most important data at a glance and access more information with a single click.

Here are some of the main benefits of the Teachworks dashboard:


1. It’s fully customizable

Teachworks offers modular design, making it possible to completely customize your dashboard and organize widgets based on your personal preferences. Organizing data in a way that makes sense to you will allow you to work easily and efficiently. Widgets can be enabled or disabled as needed, giving you full control over the level of detail visible on your dashboard.


2. It’s an all-in-one snapshot

A well structured dashboard allows you to review and analyze data at a single glance. The Teachworks dashboard allows you to display monthly statistics (active students, teachers, lessons, hours, invoice totals and payments) effortlessly. You can also display invoice totals, payments and hours by status in graph form.

If you want to keep track of your plan usage, you can add the plan usage widget (this widget displays the percentage of your plan lessons that have been used for the current and next month).


3. It’s easy to access more detail

While dashboards display only a snapshot of your most important data, it’s not by any means limited. You can easily click on a specific variable or object to access additional information.

The Teachworks Dashboard provides hyperlinked information, making it easy to find the relevant pages and take action. Overdue invoices for example are displayed in list form and you can click on the invoice number to be directed to the relevant invoice, instantly. From here you can resend the invoice to your client. If you display the “Uncompleted Lessons” widget on your dashboard, you will be able to click through to the “Complete Lesson” form of the relevant lesson.


4. It’s intuitive

Dashboards are visual and they offer intuitive data presentation. Intuitive design allows everyone to use and enjoy the software – regardless of their skill level. You can seriously cut down on training time when it comes to the Teachworks dashboard, little training is required to enjoy smooth navigation throughout the data.


5. It’s mobile friendly

Most dashboards are optimized for mobile devices, making it possible to work efficiently from just about anywhere. Teachworks was designed specifically with the busy tutor in mind, which is why the software is mobile-friendly. The teachworks dashboard can be accessed from anywhere at a time that’s convenient to you. Whether you’re on the road or in bed, you can easily login and keep track of your business activities.


Visualise all data at a glance with a well designed dashboard page. Opt for tutor centre software that offers a fully customizable dashboard that will allow you to view and access data that’s important to you

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