Invoice Autopilot Add-on Enhancements & Other New Updates

Invoice Autopilot Add-on Enhancements & Other New Updates

Our team has been working hard to add new features, fixes and improvements to Teachworks. Below is a quick rundown with everything you need to know.

Invoice Autopilot Add-on Updates

If you use our Invoice Autopilot Add-on to automate invoicing for your teaching business, you may notice the following improvements:

  • If you edit the repeat settings for a specific invoice schedule, you will now be directed back to the Autopilot Summary page after saving your changes.
  • We’ve added more links to the sidebars to make it easier to navigate between the various invoice autopilot pages. You can quickly navigate back to the Autopilot Summary page or the Autopilot List page by using the relevant option in the sidebar.
  • On the Autopilot Summary page, the scheduled dates and completed dates are now displayed in separate sections.
  • The Invoice Autopilot list page now displays an autopilot schedule as “Ended” as soon as there are no more dates in the schedule.

API Updates

  • We have added an Update Employee Custom Fields endpoint to the Teachworks API.
  • Teachworks will now automatically build custom field values when creating an employee through the API.
  • The API documentation has been updated to show the format for custom profile fields on student profiles.

Other Optimizations & Enhancements 

  • A “Sales Tax” measure has been added to the Breakdowns Report.
  • We have optimized the query used in the Notification Log for faster search results.
  • Companies subscribed to our legacy pricing plans will see a direct link to Teachworks subscription invoices in their subscription payment emails.
  • The Uncompleted Lessons dashboard widget has been updated to only display uncompleted lessons going back 1 year. We have also added a link to view uncompleted lessons in the Lesson History table.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug that was occurring on the Complete Lesson form when the Flagged Lesson Add-on is enabled has been fixed. Previously, if a lesson was flagged, the wage field remained editable. However, when the status was set to “Cancelled”, the wage was not changed to zero automatically.
  • We have fixed a bug with the Limited Access Service Import feature where it wasn’t building wage tiers when importing services.
  • A bug related to background downloads has been addressed. Previously, it displayed a cached copy of the browser’s last download message without generating any Excel download.
  • We also fixed a bug where rich-text content that included underlined text was not showing the underlining within the Teachworks site. It’s worth noting that underlining appeared correctly in emails.

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