Tutor Business Scheduling: Save Time With Teachworks’ Main Calendar

Tutor Business Scheduling: Save Time With Teachworks’ Main Calendar

Scheduling is a crucial aspect of running a tutoring business, which is why it’s important to use tutor management software that simplifies and speeds up the process. Teachworks’ scheduling calendar is user-friendly and packed with time-saving features that will significantly reduce your workload.

In this article, we’ll explore the various time-saving features available on the main calendar.

Teachworks’ Main Calendar at a Glance

The Main Calendar can be accessed by going to Calendar > Main Calendar. At a glance, you’ll notice that the calendar includes a date picker, filters, and different viewing options.

1. Date Picker: Located in the top right corner of the calendar page, the date picker allows you to quickly navigate to different years, months, and days. Whether you’re searching for past lessons or scheduling future ones, the date picker is your quickest option.

2. Filters: The main calendar features a number of filters that will speed up searching. You can filter the calendar by:

  • Employee
  • Location
  • Service
  • Student
  • Family
  • Vehicle (if you’re a driving school using the Vehicle Add-on)
  • Enroll Status (if you have the Open Classes Add-on enabled, you can view “open” or “closed” classes).

3. Calendar Views: The main calendar supports Month, Week and Day views. Depending on your specific needs, you can switch between these options to efficiently view your lessons. Additionally, you can click on the “Calendar List View” link to see events in a list format, which is ideal for printing.

More Main Calendar Time-Savers

The main calendar comes with built-in time-saving features by default. Additional functionality will be available based on the calendar settings you choose on your Account Settings page. Here are some of these features:

  • Click to add a lesson: You can click on a date when in the month view, or a specific time slot when you’re on the week or day view to quickly add a lesson to the calendar.
  • Repeat Settings: When adding a lesson, you can choose repeat settings if students have a repeating schedule to add lessons in bulk.
  • Copy Lessons: If you’ve enabled this option, you can click on a lesson in the calendar and choose the “copy” option to quickly copy the lesson’s settings. 
  • Drag-and-drop functionality: You can update the date and/or time of lessons by clicking and dragging them to a new date and/or time slot.
  • Drag option to extend lesson duration: On the week or day view, you can extend the duration of a lesson by dragging it, eliminating the need to open and edit the lesson.
  • Calendar Color-coding: Organize your calendar by color-coding it based on the teacher, location, student, or service. You can select your preferred option in the Account Settings.
  • Complete Lessons: You can complete lessons right in the calendar to keep track of attendance. Simply click a lesson and select the “Complete” link.
  • Ability to delete all lessons/events on a specific date: On the month view, you can click the triangle on a specific date to delete all lessons/events that occur on that date. This feature is particularly useful for clearing the schedule on holidays.
  • Ability to email a class: If you’re using the Email Add-on, you can enable the “Email a Class” feature. It allows you to click on a class in the calendar and open the Email form with the teacher, students, and parents pre-selected.
  • Option to View invoice payment status: In the Invoice Settings on the Account Settings page, you can enable the “Invoice Status on Lesson Modal” setting to easily check the payment status of a specific lesson. This is useful if your tutoring company requires upfront payments.

By utilizing Teachworks’ Main Calendar and its time-saving features, you can streamline your tutor scheduling process, saving you valuable time and effort.

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